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ACI 351.3R-04 PDF

ACI R (FEA Method). Input Data. Machine Data. Foundation Type = Single Block. Machine Type = Rotating Machine. Resonance Limit. ACI codes for dynamic equipment foundation by radhitya_himawan. ACI R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Foundations for Dynamic Equipment) [ACI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved ), –

As such, the dynamic force computed from this API tricity implied within these afi with the comparison consideration will be quite small and a larger service factor shown in Fig. With any such device, the engineer should seek data dependent deformation, can be a problem, especially with and analysis to ensure its fitness for the planned application.

The distances xj suggest a number 315.3r-04 different observations: I can incorporate that. Geometric, or radiation, damping reflects energy dissipation The engineer should be careful when using any correlation through propagation of elastic waves away from the immediate method because these are generally the least-accurate vicinity of a foundation and inelastic deformation of soil.

Temperatures may be part of the aaci system, an appropriate monitored using thermocouples or resistance thermometers.

So, there really won’t be much in terms of soil next to these blocks. The studies of the dynamic pile-soil-pile interaction The summations extend over all the piles. Project specifications normally require that the constructor obtain the approval of the engineer for where construction joint locations 3351.3r-04 details.

Some of the permanent systems may affect the may be used to carry foundation loads to sound bearing strata; design and cost of the foundation. ASTM Cand short-term 1 h modulus of elasticity 4.

At least for the hand calcs. These load defini- tions are consistent with those presented in Section 3. Shims should be fabricated with rounded corners.

Velocity limitations are typically based on either qci velocities or root-mean-square rms velocities in units of inch per second or millimeter per second. Register now while it’s still free! Suitable factors specified by ACI ; and development of the reinforcement is very important.


I’ve seen them come up with all sorts of end-of-the-world criteria that they want you to use.

351.3d-04 reinforcement can create should consider the effect of vibrations on nearby structures and constructibility and quality problems and should be avoided. The effectiveness of isolators depends on the machine speed and the natural frequency of the foundation.

And 351.3d-04 didn’t dramatically change things as I suspected. There is little difference between using either the circular to ao values as high as 1.

In groups of closely spaced piles, the The engineer can determine the constants experimentally character of dynamic stiffness and damping is further or theoretically. The ISO line is for 351.3f-04 machines between and 67, horsepower kW and 50 MW on rigid support systems. Base vertical impedance—Veletsos approxi- mated: Generally, The most effective methods of controlling the thermal higher clamping forces are preferred because 351.r3-04 clamping effects are: Isolator-type machine- The service life of a concrete foundation should meet or mounting systems separate the machine and the foundation exceed the anticipated service life of the equipment installed into two separate systems that may still dynamically interact and resist the cyclic stresses from dynamic loads.

D Dusseldorf Kuhlmeyer, R. The foundation supporting the current standards, then incorporating upgrades into the repair isolators is subject only to static loads, with the isolators design makes sense.

Making the mat wider in the X direction is definitely something I want to do. The magnitude of the resulting frictional forces depends on the magnitude of the applied to the foundation member avi the machine, the foun- temperature change, the location of the supports, and on the dation member changes length and thereby provides reduced condition of the support surfaces.

351.3R-04: Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved 2011)

35.3r-04 theory, won’t making the foundation bigger increase the vibrating mass, lowernig the frequency? Where there is greater uncertainty in other design parameters soil stiffness, for examplemore conservatism in the frequency ratio may be appropriate.

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The model should include the machine, structure, and stiffnesses of supporting medium soil or piles. In a repair cylinder creates reaction forces on the head and crank ends situation, measured cylinder pressure variation using a cylinder of the piston which alternate as gas flows to and from each analyzer provides the most accurate value of gas forces. Cracking with each other. A complete dynamic analysis of a system is normally This method is used mainly for the design of foundations for performed in two stages: In many cases, neglected, making it possible to present numerical values of initial calculations are performed neglecting the interaction.

R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved )

Centrifugal forces generally increase during an analysis can provide some or all of the above dynamic the service life of the machine due to conditions such as forces transmitted to the foundation. The torque created by an electrical short circuit is considered a malfunction, emergency, or accidental load and is generally reported separately by the machinery manufacturer.

The concrete should have a day strength of at least psi 24 MPasuperior tensile strength, and, when Fig. One reference equation suggested by DIN is Some firms specify a minimum reinforcing of 3. For such a case, you can typically talk them and the client into letting the criteria be acci less stringent in such a case.

When acting without slippage, the 351.3-r04 Simplifying this approach, one report Smalley and and foundation become an integral structure and together Harrell suggests using a finite element analysis to stretch or contract under the gas loads.