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For other ACSLS documentation, refer to the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) at: Special device drivers are provided in ACSLS for use with logical libraries. StorageTek Automated Cartridge System Library Software Customer Documentation Library. PDF titles, Comment on this library · Download ACSLS Software Customer Documentation Library ACSLS HA Cluster Installation, Configuration, and Operation, Download · Click to comment. ACSLS

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These functions include mountdismountenterejectauditquerydisplayand vary. Co-hosting To ensure uninterrupted library service and to avoid unanticipated problems due to resource contention, it is generally recommended that ACSLS run in a standalone environment on a dedicated server. The acsss macro enables you to start, stop, and check status of the multiple services as a documenration entity.

However, the ability to share kernel resources, such as device drivers, across multiple zones is tenuous at best. On Windows, the firewall should be configured using the Library Attach for Windows software. One ACSLS server can control libraries connected into a library complex, individual libraries, or a mix of both. Ideally, an application that requires kernel drivers would reside in the global zone.

Automated Cartridge System Library Software 8.3

Real-time monitoring of tape library components. This enables you to define logical subsets of your physical libraries, which can be managed and used by client applications as if they were separate logical libraries. Solaris Zones containers Solaris zones enable a system administrator to partition a standard, low cost server into four independent Solaris systems, each with its own isolated file system, and its own instance of Solaris.


Follow the steps described in the Post-Install Documentagion section of the above procedure to configure communication across a firewall.

Solaris and Linux systems should be equipped with a minimum of 4GB of memory and a minimum of 2GB of swap space. We can send you a link when the PDF is ready for download. Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 x64 Note: Any ACSLS application that relies solely on network connectivity to the library and for client applications can be installed in a guest domain on this server.

User-customized views of system events and system logs. Backup and restore operations for database tables. The documentahion list details the conditions and limitations associated with the various co-hosting options for an ACSLS application.

They are not supported in the Linux environment. Each client has exclusive access to its assigned logical library. Within the StorageTek libraries, some or all drives must be assigned to the MediaAgents for exclusive use by the CommCell group. You can dedicate a portion or all of the volumes and drives in a given physical library to a logical library for use by a specific client application.


The unassigned drives will be available for other applications or another CommCell group.

The following diagram provides an overview of the hardware configuration required for sharing a StorageTek library among multiple MediaAgents with DDS configuration using SN Within the StorageTek libraries, some or all drives must be assigned to the Documenttion for exclusive use by the CommCell group.

See Supported Software Versions for information on the supported versions. The physical libraries, along with any drives and volumes that are not allocated to logical libraries, remain accessible to ACSAPI clients.

Internet Explorer V8 and above and FireFox V39 and above require configuration settings to provide a bit self-signed digital certificate for https. Import and export operations for database tables. This is an issue for Solaris zoned environments. Web Pages selected for export: It facilitates automated tape operations for multiple clients, providing services and support to enhance library ease-of-use, performance, and availability.

ACSLS-managed libraries (Windows)

Common operations with the acsss macro include:. A logical library cannot span more than one physical ACS or physical partition. Refer to the Hardware Matrix for a comprehensive and latest list of supported components.