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How useful would it be to buy the AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide and Wilderness Survival Guide? I am considering buying the two pdfs of. Find great deals for Wilderness Survival Guide TSR Ad&d Dungeons Dragons. Shop with confidence on eBay!. A new update to the Wilderness Survival Guide! In this version I’ve included a new optional rule for damaging and repairing pieces of.

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Wilderness Survival Guide 2020 TSR Ad&d Dungeons Dragons

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I hope I used the right category description, as the books in question are of the stated category, but note that I would likely use this information for d20 games.

Some conversion of the information within the books [to d20] would be necessary, of course, but is the basic information in it useful, realistic, easily adaptable, etc? Should I buy these books, what can I expect from them? Also, if these books are worth buying, are survibal others in the series?

The WSG has a fairly extensive weather system. Join Date Feb Posts 1, I’d certainly recommend the Wilderness Survival Guide. Its details on weather and survival are really still unmatched, as sruvival as I know.

The former system will fit right over any particular ruleset and the hunting, gathering and weather damage systems should be relatively simple add-ons to Survival, depending on how far you want to go with it.

The Dungeoneers’ is a good read for campaign ideas and you might decide to take up some of the skills survval 3e. There have been other products detailing caverns, dungeon environments and ways to operate ad&x them. Join Date Sep Location brink of total screaming madness Posts 6, Another nod to the Wilderness Survival Guide. Need to know how a forest fire spreads? Need to create weather for for any season in any climate and terrain?


Need to know the number of daylight hour depending on your latitude? Want to know the mechanics of getting stuck in a tornado? Large amounts of the book won’t be useful since a lot of it is already covered in 3ebut for some esoteric nature-related possibilities and c’mon – what party wildernesss tried to burn down a forest?

While there are plenty in those books that can be useful, nothing in them really made me think playing without them was a bad idea.

Wilderness Survival Guide – Wikipedia

Originally Posted by Crothian. I’ll take the other side of the fence and recommend the DSG over the WSG, and less for its environmental information than for the latter parts wilderbess the book, which give some excellent advice on running games and DMing in general. I found the WSG interesting and it certainly has a wealth of information on climate and terrain. But this information can largely be summarised by the set of tables that are found at the end of the book.

To me it wildernezs like I had just bought a large collection of weather tables, and I rarely ever referred back to the main text itself. I also feel that the environmental information in the 3.

The WSG has a level of detail that the 3. It’s not an awful book – just overlong and a tad superfluous. The DSG by comparison has a great look at subterranean terrain, including a great mini-Underdark gazetteer that I still use to this day. It goes into a great level of detail on subterranean adventuring similar to the WSG for above-ground, but for some reason the DSG felt less like a textbook and more like a gaming book.


It also has a sweet little section on running games in general a sort of precursor to the kind of material that is in Robin’s Laws of GMing and the 3e DMG2 that crystallised many vague concepts into solid advice.

Much of the stuff in the DSG was reworked and expanded in the excellent 2e book Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guideso if you have that there is less value to the DSG, but it gets my vote nevertheless. Join Date Jun Posts 2, Weather tables just don’t have a whole lot of appeal, for me, and I found the WSG pretty useless. I have no use for the cumbersome rules the books present, nor for non-weapon proficiencies. The DSG’s one redeeming feature is its underdark stuff campaign-level maps, examples, et cetera.

Its underground info cave types, hazards, etc is also useful, if you don’t already have a source for information like this.

DSG also picked up on the 3D maps from Ravenloft. I guess there is a first day for everything. My underdark is the DSG sample underdark.

Wilderness Survival Guide TSR Ad&d Dungeons Dragons | eBay

It’s got some great adventure locations and predates the hostile FR underdark takeover. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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