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After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. Giles MacDonogh, Author. Basic $32 (p) ISBN After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation. By Giles MacDonogh. New York: Basic Books, ISBN Maps. Photographs. In After the Reich,Giles MacDonogh has written a comprehensive history of Germany and Austria in the postwar period, drawing on a vast array of contemporary.

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This absorbing study of the Allied occupation of Germany and Austria from to shows that the end of WWII by no means ended the suffering. It’s a very interesting read to erich that war only brings misery, death, destruction, occupation and struggle for decades to come.

Rogers rated it really liked it Recommends it for: And this book helps me relive a lot of that background, with a new and richer understanding of the historical stage on which macdonogg all played out.

However, he also points out that allied troops carried out similar war crimes, such as mass shootings of prisoners.

Nov 29, Brandon rated it liked it. The decades and decades that have passed since, only proves the notion that world history is all too often written by those who won the upperhand in any conflict.

After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation by Giles MacDonogh

I expected to find information that could not be found in other texts, but anyone that studies post war Europe knows about the mass rape, starvation, and use of the former Nazi concentration camps. No doubt this tome adds gravitas to Mr.

With that said the information here is presented well and is easy to read. The author does deal at times at length with the experiences of various former German nobility. Effectively there was what we now call mass macdonigh cleansing on a vast scale with whole populations made to up root and walk hundreds of miles with little to eat and often quite unsuitable clothing. For the first time I read something more specific about the Allied macdinogh and as the author describe it-their gilex “thirst for revenge”, to punish the defeated enemy.


Want to Read saving…. Most of the events of the weeks and months immediately following the defeat of the German forces in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Austria, and Germany were unknown to me, in spite of my interest over a half dozen decades in WWII history.

Project MUSE – After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation (review)

The start was shocking and quite an emotional read, but it did little to macdonobh the actual process of demilitarization and aftter of government and instead felt a little like it was written simply to point out every flaw from a single country. This book will not make you think War is a disgusting affair anyway, but to have it recounted that the aggressor as loser does not escape the humiliation as meted out to other.

A million of these were men who were being held as prisoners of war, most of whom died in Soviet captivity. After the Reich had its moments of great interest as it recounted the chaotic, brutal, and bloody aftermath of World War 2 in Germany.

This may be due solely to the fact that they left memoirs which the ordinary frau in the street did not. A vengeful Red Army visited on German women an ordeal of mass rape, while looting the Soviet occupation zone of almost everything of value, from watches to factories.

For all this, though, there were many new pieces of information that I learned from the book. While largely relying rdich diaries and memoirs of the privileged classes for primary sources is at the very tje a questionable approach, it is the soundest part of MacDonogh’s efforts. The result is a sobering view of how vengeance stained Allied victory. Aug 12, Sean Chick rated it it was ok.

Oh this is just a cold war, you say? I appreciate that MacDonogh discussed the less savory aspects of occupation. The author, MacDonogh, spends much of the first half of the book listing all the horrible things the Allied troops did to the German people – rape, murder, theft on both the tge and the grand scale. My quibble with the author I am not justifying the atrocities from the Allied forces is that he spends a lot of time waving his finger at the events of the conquerors.


After The Reich – The Brutal History Of The Allied Occupation

Nov 10, Abdalla Mohamed rated it really liked it. And the individual mscdonogh of suffering can be heartbreaking: This book explains how the Western Allies were tricked by Stalin in setting up post-war conditions, but also indicts those Allies for ignoring problems. Germany’s defeat in Mayand the end of World War II in Europe, rdich not bring an end to death and suffering for the vanquished German people.

Jan 31, Phillip rated it it was amazing. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Yet, it aftr has an apologetic tone that I find highly flawed. After the Reich does not warrant a recommendation. This story is also often choked with irony, as in the experience of an Sudeten Tje Communist Jew who was sent to the camps shortly after the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia inspent the duration of the war there, survived, was liberated, and returned to Czechoslovakia only to be branded as a “German”, beaten severely, and thrown into jail with none other than the very SS and Gestapo men who had arrested and deported him seven years earlier.

The face of another human caught in the gears gilrs war and punished for being “guilty by association. Now, I trust blogger Igor Petrov’s investigations that the commonly given estimate of the number of German women raped by Red Army soldiers is incorrect, and that the massacre at Nemmersdorf wasn’t.

The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation.