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Results 1 – 48 of Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir Pinion 18z VW AUTOMATIC GEARBOX ag4 01m M CLK. Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir befassen Belaglamelle K3 Automatikgetriebe AG4 01M 01N 01P VW Audi Seat Skoda . Results 1 – 48 of 64 Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir befassen uns Sealing Kit VW t4 AUTOMATIC GEARBOX ag4

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Posted Saturday, April 09, 2: Send a private message to nickademous. Does anybody know what else I could do or missed doing?

VW Audi Ford AG4 095 096 097 098 01M 01N 01P Exploded view spare part catalog PDF

Find More Posts by Strykeviper. At the very fetriebe the harness is probably faulty, I would replace the valve body and harness. February 26th, I had a very similar error recently and ended up having to have the G68 sensor getriebw.

Their addicts only do harm to their own lives: Well, I get it jumped, then head straight to the dealer where I got a new battery, and went right home. We remanufacture electronic automotive parts.


– 01M Tranny Limping

Just addding my thoughts to the mix. When my original battery was going bad, I would get similar error codes, and the transmission would go into limp ga4, which your transmission has done. Contact Us Archive Top.

There is a fault in the box, can you delete the additional post. On a better note, might be trading my truck in for a Jetta TDI 6 speed. There are just too many to list That’s right, ditch the Hemi.

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The time now is April 18th, If you are tight on budget, fit a new N92 and harness. AudenA Curse: April 17th, Send a private message to vwcampin. Ironically, the day that I was going to get a new battery, I’m driving along, the transmission is in limp mode, again, then suddenly, the CEL goes out on it’s own, and the transmission starts shifting normally. Someday I plan to make a thread and just link to it.

If you’re buying an 06, pull the valve cover and visually inspect the cam getribee lifters before you write them a check. April 15th, Saturday, 10 April I own a vw polo They said the battery was still good.


Find More Posts by nickademous. I think your “Vehicle Speed Sensor G68 ” might need replacing. WSC 3 Faults Found: I took it to Aamco since it was rebuilt by an Aamco less than grtriebe ago.

It is a crying scandal that you cannot take the time or be bothered to build us, what sanity knows we need, an odorless and noiseless staid little electric brougham.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Reset adaptives, then drive to relearn. Send a private message to lovemybug. If it still has a problem they are willing to have it towed to an Aamco that claims they specialize with VW’s for repairs.

The gears were slipping so I got a trade in replacement getrisbe a new reconditioned one. I have an 01′ Jetta with the dreaded 01M automatic. Advanced Members Last Active: