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Buy Missing: Una Investigacion by Alberto Fuguet (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Buy Missing by Alberto Fuguet, C. Muzzi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Alberto Felipe Fuguet de Goyeneche is a Chilean writer, journalist, film critic and film director in Santiago. He also writes for the newspaper El Mercurio and is at work on two new projects: the film Perdidos and the book Missing.

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Missing (Una investigación) : Alberto Fuguet :

More than an immigrant narrative, more than a critique of American society, Missing is the story of a man never quite lives the American dream, but lives a life that is all too American. The father is a tough and proud man and the thought of driving a taxi is impossible to accept. It is a lonely experience and in one of the more moving episodes he breaks down crying on the Santa Monica pier. A young American sailor comforts him and Carlos says at that moment he finally lost his fear, the fear that had come form being a stranger and alone.

To understand Carlos, one has to know more about his father.

Alberto Fuguet

He is a cold man who holds his family at a distance. For a Spanish speaker it points to a grandfather who is cold, distant. fugut


There will be no grandfatherly indulgences. That coldness is only magnified when describing the relationship between the father and the sons. But it is not surprising as he is the father who said when Carlos wanted to buy a car. But the family problems run deeper than arguments between first and second generation.

Missing (una investigacion) by Alberto Fuguet – A Review | By The Firelight

When Carlos was born he was named just like the first. One has the fuhuet that Carlos could never quite live up to what the you Carlos might have. Latter he marries a rich woman he meets in New Port Beach and while the relationship works, he begins to envy her money.

It is from then on that he seems to live at the margins of American life, if not on the run from the police, then trying to survive the best he can. It is not an easy life and although there are moments of happiness and companionship, he lives alone moving from place to place.

Missing (una investigacion) by Alberto Fuguet – A Review

But something always goes wrong and he is left on the margins of society. He is just unable to win. It is an expensive piece of equipment that makes his father angry. Missing, albreto to its investigative nature, is not a complete story, but one with lacuna and unanswered questions.

Alberto uses different genres to approach fugut unanswerable from as many directions as possible. He has always used product names in his books, but not heavy handedly like a Steven King.


Alberto Fuguet considers this his most American book and he is right.

Carlos is the other side of America, the one that is free to try and try again, yet it is a futile effort.

It is the more than the story of an immigrant, but a story of the other America that lives at the edges of the American Dream. But it is not surprising as he is the father who said when Carlos wanted to buy a car, tu no, no necesitas un auto, todos fugeut un auto en los angeles, le dije, tu no, no necesitas ir a ninuna parte, aqui esta tu familia quiero otras cosas que mi familia, le dije.

Estaba en Las Vegas, en contacto con el mundo, con una direccion que aparecia en Google Earth. He was em Las Vegas, in albertp with the world, with a an address that appeared in Google Earth.

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