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Recommended Practice for. Performance Testing of. Cementing Float Equipment . API Recommended Practice 10F. Third Edition, April ANSI/API 10F/ISO. API RP 10F. April 1, Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment. This International Standard describes testing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 10F at Engineering

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Casing hardware inclusive of: Type T Tag-in float collar R used for large diameter surface casing applications. Generates turbulence around casing for bonding of cement.

Optimized Rib width provides full stand-off with good flow area between ribs. Prevents unwanted water intrusion.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Multiple bow heights available to meet all hole size requirements. Ribbed Down-Jet Float Shoe. Combination Packer Stage Cementing Collars. Type Packer Stage Cementing Collar. Minimal amounts of rubber and aluminum are materials encountered during drill out. Available for all casing sizes.

Inflation valves are functioned by differential pressure. Cast Aluminum nose material standard, easily drilled out due to numerous break points jets and shorter design. Type Integral Casing Packers. Davis Flotation Collar Sleeves and plug land on float collar Bottom cementing plug and sleeves land and seal on the float collar. Plugs lock against upward movement to prevent them from being unseated while being drilled out.


Reliable double-valve flapper design with large inlet.

API RP 10F floatation collar

Spiral ribs generate turbulence around casing for bonding of cement. Casing Hardware Hinged non-welded Centralizers.

Needle Nose Float Shoe An aid to run casing in adverse conditions. Type Down Jet Float Shoes. Closing sleeve held closed with internal lock ring.

Can be supplied as a Guide Shoe no valvesor with one or multiple back-pressure valves. Slip-On set screw type for premium applications aip enhanced holding forces are required.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of fp stage cement. Used in conjunction with stage cementing collars for multi-stage cementing applications.

Bottom cementing plug ruptures, and cement is pumped through and out of the float equipment. Reduced displacement volumes of drill pipe versus casing.

Isolates cement from gas migration and prevents problems with annular gas. Allows for lead cement to 10d pumped until surface returns are seen, then tail.


Eccentric Nose Float Shoe An aid to run casing in dp conditions with off-center nose piece. Same drill out features as stage collar. Commonly used in multi-stage cementing applications. Only one internal connection that effects a metal to 10t seal and engages a back-up elastomer seal. Specialty extended reach casing equipment. Unique interlocking adjoinment between end collar and bow spring.

Ream Master Float Shoes. Suitable for most applications up to 35 degrees deviation.

Downhole Products

Typically used when PDC bits will be employed for drill out. Same features as Type MC stage collar for closing, drill out, and integrity. R; applications for liners and deeper stage collar setting depths. Overlapping steel petals allow for cement flow-by from below, but help prevent cement from falling from above.