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Are you earning as much as your creative, design, and marketing peers? Consult Aquent’s marketing and design salary guide to find out if. AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries The survey included responses from more than 10, design professionals nationwide. The survey includes resources from more than design professionals nationwide and features an interactive overview of compensation and a.

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Understanding the state of design and the people who make it.

We’ll notify you when the Design Census is open and keep you informed about other news. Seems there was an issue with our system, please try again later.

The Creative Group 2017 Designer Salary Guide

The Results Are In. Over 13, people participated in the Census. We want to hear what you think of the results. This information is free and open to everyone.

AIGA/Aquent Salary Survey – Synthesist

But the data alone is not enough. We want aurvey know which results matter most to you. Check out this initial guide to the design census data and turn the numbers into compelling data visualizations. Download the raw data.

  BC807 40 PDF

Explore the Design Census results. Want to understand the current mix of design job titles?

How many cups of coffee designers really drink? We’re inviting design studios from all over the country to take a deep dive into the data and visualize the results.

Please feel free to contact us at designcensus aiga. The Design Census is an open and collaborative survey and resource for understanding the complex economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the design practice today.

What are the goals of the survey? Created by Google and AIGA, the goal is to move beyond basic salary conversations and collect information that can be used to empower the design community to take charge of its professional development and achieve greater happiness through insight. Are you a design professional working in the US? We want to hear from you. Design is a growing field and we want to capture how it’s changing year to year.


How will you protect my privacy? The survey is completely anonymous. No other information about the user is stored. What will you do with the results? All the information we collect will be anonymized and made available to the public. We encourage everyone to explore the data and react to it, whether it’s a tweet, a poster, a microsite, or an essay. We’re excited to see what you do with the results! For examples, see how the data was used in our survey. In order to collect unbiased data, we need to ensure people take the census only once.

These logins allow us to authenticate users easily. How do I report a bug? Contact us at designcensus aiga.