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Obstet Gynecol, 77pp. Prenatal diagnosis of monosomy umbilcial associated with single umbilical artery and sex reversal: Pregnancy data maternal age, parity, gestational age at diagnosis of SUA, adverse pregnancy outcomes, prenatal diagnosis of other anomalies, gestational age at deliveryperinatal outcome delivery mode, gestation weeks, birthweigth, postnatal anomalies were reviewed.

Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 8pp. The incidence of SUA in live born was 0. J Matern Fetal Med, 10pp. J Diag Med Sono ; Pediatr Dev Pathol, 1pp. Arch Dis Child, 68pp. A clue to umbilical cord complication.

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Curr Opin Obstet Gy-necol, 13pp. The presence of SUA in antenatal period should umica the sonographer and clinician for the need of arteia detailed examination of the fetus to exclude other anomalies. Isolated single umbilical artery — the case for routine renal screening. Abnormal ductus venosus blood flow: Antenatal diagnosis of umbilical artery: Como citar este artigo.

The first source of data produces a higher incidence of SUA, as well as more frequent association with structural and genetic abnormalities and perinatal mortality.


Prenat Diagn ; Antenatal detection of a single umbilical artery: The presence of a single umbilical artery SUA is associated with congenital fetal malformations and genetic anomalies. Pediatrics, ujicapp. Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use.

The clinical significace of a single umbilical artery as an isolated finding on prenatal ultrasound. Byrne J, Blanc WA. Int J Gynaecol Obstet, 58pp. Preterm birth occurred in seven cases Prognostic role of umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry in growth-restricted fetuses.

Arteria umbilical unica | Ultrasonido | Pinterest

Significance of a artfria umbilical artery in fetuses with umbilicxl nervous system malformations. Perspect Pediatr Pathol ; 8: A case report and review of the literature. The side umbbilical absence can be determined by evaluating the umbilical arteries as they course around the fetal urinary bladder laterally. The umbilical cord twist: The prognosis of SUA fetuses is good when there is no concurrent anatomic or chromosomal abnormality.

In our study, we found that a SUA was present in 0. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol ; 8: Malformations and chromosome anomalies in spontaneously aborted fetuses with single umbilical artery. Vascular diameter and resistance indices in normal fetuses with a single umbilical artery. Accuracy and significance of prenatal diagnosis of single umbilical artery.

Obstet Gynecol ; The methodology used was not recorded by the sonographer at the time of the examination. Pregnancies with a single umbilical artery should be carefully monitored for evidence of fetal growth retardation. Prenatal diagnosis of facial clefting as part of the oculo-au-riculo-vertebral spectrum.


In live born with SUA and associated malformations The second data set suggests a lower incidence and frequency of associated anomalies, as many of the most severely affected infants have aborted or been voluntarily terminated early in pregnancy. Follow-up of infants with single umbilical artery.

J Clin Ultrasound, 25pp. J Ultrasound Med ; 7: Ultrasound Obstet and Gynecol ; In addition to malformations and karyotypic abnormalities, infants with a single umbilical artery have an increased incidence srteria prematurity, low birth weight and artsria growth retardation. An increased risk of intrauterine growth retardation and the Doppler findings are controversial in the literature. A retrospective analysis, over a month period, of all cases of pregnancy interruption due to medical causes, up to 16 weeks of gestation, with prenatal diagnosis of SUA; cases of live born with a prenatal diagnosis of SUA or after delivery, at the routine examination of the placenta.

Single umbilical artery stenosis associated with intrauterine fetal death post-transfusion.

Am Aryeria Obstet Gynecol,pp. Malformations and chromosome anomalies in spontaneously aborted fetuses with single umbilical artery. Presse Med, 29pp. Prenat Diagn, 14pp.