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Over the years, the ISC Literary Magazine has undergone transformations and this year is no different. This issue of Insights comes to you in an online digital magazine format which allows us to link the magazine to our ferisa and provides you the means to e-mail the magazine to interested family and friends. As a result of this new format and in honor of the opening of our new ECC, we have also been able to include our youngest artists in this issue of Insights.

Both written as well as graphic expressions of art seek to display creativity, although this characteristic does not suffice to explain quality work. Each text has its own specific traits, with regards to language, structure and audience. In artwork, specific traits also emerge: Our students have had the opportunity to develop their own language, even when it has been underpinned by a specific style or artistic movement, and have been able to enjoy the special bond created between the creator and his or her creation.

Through the compilation of these works in INSIGHTS, we can witness the ferkas in linguistic skills and creative expression that has taken onilva over these years. Therefore, we would like to thank all the teachers from all divisions at ISC that have taken the time to carefully select the works presented.

Without your constant and relentless efforts, teachers, this project would not have been possible. We would also like to thank our students who, throughout the school year, have produced texts and artwork of outstanding quality.

Por isso, agradecemos a todos os professores de todos os departamentos que ajudaram a selecionar os trabalhos. Alexandre Meiler Carolina Schmidt Ogalha Toddler Toddler students were introduced to the oriental painting technique called sumie.


It is a monochromatic technique mixed with elements of oriental handwriting. Students only needed a special paintbrush and black paint mixed with water.

They learned about his unique drip and splash style and some facts about his life and career. They painted on canvas and each student chose the background color. After the background was dry came the fun part and they painted making drips with their paintbrushes!! They painted on canvas. First they painted the background and after they painted a flower using bright colors, strong lines and a lot of details. During the third quarter Pre-K students were introduced to the post-impressionism painter George Seurat and his pointillism technique.

They worked with colorful paint and were encouraged to choose what they wanted to paint. The second step was the canvas painting itself, always having in mind that Van Gogh has a prominent use of yellow shades in this work. They painted on cardboards. Students learned that due to his painting technique, his paintings are better seen from a slight distance. Polar Bears Polar Bears are mammals.

They live in the snow in the North Pole. Their thick fur and a layer of fat keep them warm. Their small ears lose less body heat. Pads on the bottom of their feet keep them from slepping on ice. Polar Bears are excellent swimmers. They give birtht to one to three cubs.

Aditya Arjun Language Arts — Ms. It is big, fun, and neat. It has a gym, a music classroom and the cafeteria. My favorite place is the playground. My class is 1A. My classroom is big, fun, and neat. My favorite subjects are Math, PE, and Music. I love my teacher. ISC is truly international because many people come from different countries. They live in China.

They are chubby and furry. They are black and white. They have thumblike toes and large teeth. Large pandas easily climb trees. It is big, clean and fun.

There is a computer lab and an art room.

I like the teachers. ISC is truly international because kids learn English. O Papai Noel veio, eles ganharam brinquedos e comemoraram! They are found in the south of the United States and in parts of China. They eat frogs, fish, snakes, turtles and small mammals. Alligators have wide rounded snouts. They are smaller than crocodiles. Alligators move oilda the water by moving their tails.


My School Derias is my school. It is so big and fun. There is a library and a restaurant. M7 favorite place is outside. My classroom is warm, big, and blue. I love the teachers. ISC is truly international because there are people from all kinds of countries.

Jeremy Jonis Language Arts — Ms. Era uma vez um menino que tinha um cachorro chamado Pum. Toda hora o Pum escapava e incomodava as pessoas. They have hair or fur, and give birth to their onlda. Roosters, eagles, and penguins are birds.

They have feathers and wings. Snakes, turtles, and alligators are reptiles.

Glasgow – United Kingdom

They have scales and cold blood. Frogs, toads, and caecelians are amphibians. They come from eggs, and they have smooth, wet skin.

Sharks and golden fish are fish.

livro bruxa onilda pdf

They have scales and live in water. Bugs, bees, and crickets are insects. They have 3 body parts and 6 legs. I like a little bit the gym, the bruxw lab and the music room. My classroom is 1A. There are 10 windows and 2 doors and it is colorful. My favorite subjects are reading, math, and science. The teachers love us. ISC is truly international, because people come from different places.

They live in the eucalyptus forest of the east coast of Australia. Koalas eat the leaves of eucalyptus trees. They have beautiful gray woolly fur and sharp claws.

ISC Insights 2012

The koala is not a bear. It is a marsupial.

It has a pouch for carrying its babies. Matteo Arcuri Language Arts — Ms. They live in mountains and deserts. They generally do not live in forests.

They eat dead animals. They have wrinkled skin and hooked bills.

They have sense of smell to find dead animals. They live in the ocean. They mainly eat fish and squid. They have long narrow bodies, flippers, and fins on their backs. Many have been trained by humans to do different jobs and to entertain people.