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ASTM D (1) estimated. Flammability (UL94). HB. -. 1) resin specification: ASTM D POML13B superseding ASTM D ASTM D Standard Classification System and Basis for Specification&# 13; for Polyoxymethylene Molding and Extrusion Materials &# Acetal Homopolymer, Natural, ASTM D POM SUPERSEDING ASTM D POM Acetal Homopolymer, Black, ASTM D POM w/ .

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Industrial & Engineering Plastics

It offers a high modulus of elasticity combined with great strength, stiffness and resistance to abrasion. Moisture has little to no effect on acetal resin, and because of this, the dimensional stability of close tolerance fabricated items is excellent.

It is suitable for mechanical parts or electrical insulators that require structural strength at above normal temperatures. High modules of elasticity.

Acetal Copolymer Material | POM Plastic Supplier

High strength and stiffness. Low coefficient of friction. Easily fabricated with hand tools and automatic production machinery.


Good abrasion and impact resistance. Resistant to gasoline, solvents, and other neutral chemicals.

ASTM D6778 – 14

High viscosity grade of resin for production of rod, slab and tubing to be machined. Resin containing glass fibers.

Used where high stiffness, creep resistance and better dimensional stability are required. Resin containing PTFE fibers.

Used where low coefficient of friction, high resistance to abrasion and wear are required. Applications Delrin’s overall combination of physical, tribological and environmental properties make it ideal for astj industrial wear and mechanical applications. Wear factor against steel 40 psi 50fpm: Call today for complete product information!

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