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Is Audry a Kook.. or just a guy who needs some grapho-therapy? Analyze today’s handwriting and suggest graphotherapy for him. Can you really change your. Decide Now To Get Certified As A Professional Handwriting Analyst. If you are curious about scientific handwriting analysis you are in the right place. Bart Baggett’s best selling books on handwriting analysis and personal growth. Howard Stern and his staff analyzed by world famous handwriting expert Bart Baggett. Scroll down to view handwriting samples and Bart’s.

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You can follow along with the interview. Also, please login and post any comments. We value your opinion. Bart has appeared on over radio interviews and hundreds of his graduate students in handwriting analysis have appeared on radio and TV shows.

Also, if you missed the show, the MP3 is here just download and listen. You can get learn to do this and become Certified through Handwriting University or learn the basics as part of the level online trainings. In preparation for the show, I made pretty detailed notes so I would be ready for whatever Howard asked me.

Howard Stern Handwriting Analysis by Bart Baggett (On the Air!)

If you are student of Handwriting University, you should be able to spot where EACH of these traits came from in the handwriting. Scott Depace — He was traumatized from an early age, and decided early on that he could trust no one and had to rely on himself. His early experiences have made him simmer with resentment. He is defiant and rebellious. Sal Governale — He is an emotional rollercoaster.


Bart Baggett Official Site

His handwriting looks like an epileptic chicken. He is impulsive and feels guilty when he gives in. He has a massive need for public bzrt and an above average sex drive.

Richard Christy — He writes like a high school girl. He is the most sexually promiscuous baaggett the group. JD Harmeyer — He writes like a mad scientist. He is aggressive, has a great eye for detail, and is an excellent communicator in writing. Of all the people, he would make the best terrorist. Just as intense as the Unabomber. Robin Quivers — She needs more affection than currently getting.

She is an affectionate person with a desire for attention. She takes criticism personally. She lies to people to avoid hurting them.

Ronnie Mund — He is full of emotional torment. He is the worst enemy you can make, paranoid and hostile. Benjy Bronk — His handwriting is similar to that of someone who is mildly retarded. He exudes false bravado but harbors low self-esteem. He hates religion, big heart, works hard to prove himself, and tends towards lateness. Fred Norris — Handwritingg is fast thinking, witty, and honest. He has healthyself esteem, but can be petty, jealous, and angry at God. He wants to be a perfectionist.


His downfalls are stubborness and vanity. He believes he is smarter than everybody. His handwriting is similar to that of Hitler and Einstein. This was a great show Bart did handwtiting Howard Stern-I very much enjoyed it. I better understand why Bart stresses the use of Metaphor as he does. It will make or break you, especially with such a well known Personality like Howard.

Thank you Bart for all you do. You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Howard Stern Handwriting Analysis.

The Brain, things you never handwritong.