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Читать онлайн Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards автора Rallison Janette – RuLit – Страница He took his eyes off the road for long enough to send her a piercing look. “You do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want. Blue Eyes And Other Teenage Hazards Cassidy knows everything about Chad– everything, that is, except how to get him to notice her. I’ve improved since then) I went through it, rewrote portions, and put it up as the ebook Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards. I had it copy.

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This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other otherr. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Chapter 1 Anjie rolled out of my life on a sharply clear September morning.

I lived in Pullman, Washington, where most of the time the sky looked like it was holding a grumpy-cloud convention; but on the day Anjie moved, there was nothing but sun. I hate it when the weather lies like that. Neither of us was sleepy. The moving van would come later in the day to take everything else.

And now, a week before our sophomore year got underway, she was moving. We were finally no longer othwr the lowest rung of social life at high school. Life was supposed to otheer fun now. In a sea of uncaring teenagers.

Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards

Many of whom would happily puncture my boat. And laugh as I sunk into the depths of unpopularity. She put it into the backseat of their van. Fairfax, Virginia, was on the other side of the nation.

Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards by Janette Rallison

I watched until the minivan turned the corner and drove out of sight. I sat with Faith and Caitlin at lunch. Anjie was like me: I could talk to her about my goals or values without her looking at me like the Goody-Two-Shoes Fairy was about to carry me away. The only other sophomore girl on the street was Samantha Taylor—or Queen Samantha, as Anjie and I had taken to calling her.

This was because Samantha was bound to be homecoming queen someday, and she generally treated us like peasants.

Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards – Book Cave

We had all been best friends in elementary school, but in junior high things had changed. Samantha was blond, beautiful, and had joined the cheerleading squad. Now she mostly ignored me at school, although if we were ever thrown together in class, she rolled her eyes when I answered questions.


Sometimes she also shook her head. School started and I went through the first syes days mechanically. As I ate, I noticed how everyone talked about things without ever really saying anything important, or even interesting.

Not one single idea. Nothing about our school assignments except how hard or hy they were.

Anjie and I called each other nearly every day, and I got to hear about her new school. On her first day at school no one talked to her. Things were getting better for her now though. Dad told me this was an opportunity to branch out and expand myself.

I could tell Mom felt sorry for me, though. She took me shopping and bought me designer clothes. If you have to be lonely, do it in high fashion. Your money is lonely? Mom had never wanted me to grow up. I was an only child, and always would be. When Mom and I got home from shopping, Dad was on the couch answering emails on his laptop.

He would have said the same thing if I had held up things from the clearance rack at Goodwill. I was his little peach too. He winked at my mom. What were the chances that the new girl would be someone I liked, someone who liked me? It was just as likely she would become fast friends with Samantha and the two of ralkison would spend the remaining years of high school doing eye-rolling relays at my expense.

I already had ideas. I just had them about Chad Warren. Mom handed me the shopping bags. You could volunteer to show her around. It grows by itself. Last year it had seemed too presumptuous. The next logical step was flirting. So this year, I would attempt it. He had wavy blond hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could melt ice. But the thing I liked about him was that he looked clean-cut—like someone who would be polite to your grandparents.

He got good grades, which meant he was smart, and a smart guy had to want an intelligent girlfriend. I was clearly qualified for the position. We would be able to talk about anything and everything. What to name our first child. This consisted of doodling his initials next to mine in my Spanish notebook, planning to go to all the football games—he played wide receiver—and arranging my schedule so I passed him in the hallway three times a day.


With all the hall time we spent together, I somehow hoped he might notice me, wonder who I was, and say something to me. Okay, it was a really, really slow start. Upon evaluation of the first week of school, Aand decided I needed something to help me stand out. Maybe I was too colorless to get noticed amongst all the students milling through the hallways of Pullman High Rallisn.

On Monday I wore a form-fitting red skirt and a pair of three-inch red high heels. Sometimes he studied in the library before first period. I strolled in, trying to ooze sophistication. Luck was with me. Chad tednage at a table doing homework with his best friend, Mike. I had visions of him reaching gallantly for it.

Our eyes would meet as he handed it to me. But he just sat there, his head bent over his book. It was then I noticed a table full of junior girls close by.

They were glaring at me. They knew what I was up to. He was probably showered with objects daily. I had planned on sitting down at a nearby table and studying, but suddenly had second thoughts. I scanned the library for a group I could sit with. The only person I really knew was Samantha. She sat at a table with the rest of the cheerleading squad, talking and smiling. When I walked over to her, Samantha put on an expression of perturbed patience. And then it all came back to me, but it was too late to turn around.

Benson drove up last night and the rest of the family is coming this afternoon. The one uanette age is named Elise. Taylor, would already have twice as much information about the family as my parents did.

Taylor had basically designed the thing and helped build it. Her lips pursed together slightly. I jaette make some cookies for her family.

I have cheerleading practice after school. We can wait until cheerleading practice is over. After all, it will take me a while to bake cookies. I pressed her anyway. If both of us went it would look more like a neighborly thing and less like a Cassidy-is-desperate-for-a-new-friend sort of thing.

None of the cheerleaders did, either. They were waiting for me to leave. I had forgotten I was wearing shoes with heels so high they prevented all natural movement, and when I turned, I lost my balance.

I took a lunging step to steady myself. Or rather, I tried to steady myself.