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Brief summary. No one has contributed a brief summary to this page yet. Explore what EOL knows about Bursera grandifolia. Add a brief summary to this page. With large, arcing trunks that branch near the base, this species looks like an enormous rounded shrub. Bursera grandifolia does indeed have very large leaflets. Nat Prod Commun. Nov;4(11) Phenacetin isolated from Bursera grandifolia, a herbal remedy with antipyretic properties. Velázquez F(1).

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It grows in slopes and canyons, often in small dispersed stands or as scattered individuals; mainly subtropical and tropical deciduous forest. In the photo with arrows, the upper arrow indicates one of the arching branches of B.

Alamos Trees; Bursera Grandifolia

Bursera species usually flower and start to leaf out just as the dry season is ending. Petals 5, spatulate, mm long glabrous, reflexed at anthesis. This photo shows the female flowers of B.

This beautiful tree is found in the central Balsas Depression in central southern Mexico. The species is found buresra tropical dry forests of central Mexico.

Bursera grandifolia near Alamos. Pedicels mm long with short, white hairs. It is leafy only during summer rainy season, quickly drought deciduous in autumn. The greenish grey inner bark contrasts strongly with the papery reddish outermost bark. The gallery now contains thousands of pictures, however it is possible to do even more.


The three photos on the left in the row below are from Guerrero; the one on the right is from the central dry depression of Chiapas.

Send a photo of this plant. Meyer Same Bursera grandifolia as image to left, now in leaf during the rainy season.

Bursera grandifolia does indeed have very large leaflets, which tend to be very fuzzy. Back to Bursera index.

Phenacetin isolated from Bursera grandifolia, a herbal remedy with antipyretic properties.

This Bursera ovalifolia in the forest of the Chamela resarch station in Jalisco is crowned with leaves in the first week of rain of the season. The group of Bursera species that are endemic to the islands of the Caribbean appears to be part of the simaruba clade. One such branch removed from the tree is shown at right. Ovoid, mm long, reddish, trivalvate.

It has deep, steel blue-gray to green bark with rusty papery peelings. Bursera grandifolia Photo by: Branches and flowers of Bursera grandifolia.

Trunk to cm in diameter. This photo is from a shady arroyo in the Chamela research station on the coast of Jalisco.

Once pinnate, cm long. Leaflets per leaf, cm long, cm wide, oblong-ovate, broadly elliptic, to obovate, with a caudate tip and entire margins, velvety pubescent on both surfaces, bright green with a velvety sheen above, the veins prominent. The photo right of center is of a tropical dry forest in which B. We visited the type locality of Bursera longicuspis in Chiapas, to find that the plants there are individuals of B.


This fence is very close to the Gulf in Veracruz. The inner bark is bright red, smooth and often with a powdery bloom glaucous that can be rubbed off and lacks granddifolia.

The middle photo from atop a B. The grandifoliia turns one’s urine red, as we can testify. It grows in dry tropical forest in Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Rose See all synonyms of Bursera grandifolia. The heartwood is white and also lacks the incense of certain other members of the genus.

Meyer Bursera grandifolia in flower at the beginning of the rainy season near Alamos, Sonora. Thick sections of branch readily root and make perfect fence posts that don’t rot grahdifolia tropical climates as dead wooden posts would. It was 8 cm in diameter and 4 meters long! Whereas all of the other species have very thick twigs, the young shoots of B. For cuts, the dried and ground bark is applied and rubbed in, with such treatment the cut heals in a birsera time without infection.

Bursera grandifolia – Wikipedia

Bursera simaruba pruned and shaped by salt laden sea breezes just above the beach in Veracruz. By seeds or cuttings. Bursera grandifolia in flower at the beginning of the rainy season near Alamos, Sonora.