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Full HD LCD Master Monitor (Look at the BVM-F PDF for more details). Best shop to buy Sony BVM-F ” Full-HD OLED Reference Monitor from our store with most competitive price. Email us to get our offer. For reference monitoring applications in the broadcast industry, Sony’s leading edge Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and signals processing.

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If Important Safety Instructions a fault should occur during operation of the unit, operate the disconnect device to switch the power supply off, or Page 57 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Adjusting Automatic adjustment recommended Adjusting Input the reference color-bar signal to the monitor.

In addition to this flexible selection of marker types, detailed display settings of each marker are offered. Note When File Management is selected, the following menu is Use the controller with software version 1. When the item is selected, you can select the data to be copied. When this item is selected, the color temperature data to be adjusted is displayed.


Note When Adjustment is selected, the following menu is displayed. Displays the selected aspect ratio. It is equipped with a memory stick socket enables users to download and save all monitor set-ups such as input channel configuration, control preset adjustments, white balance settings and maintenance parameters Centralized Monitor Wall Control Multiple monitors can be easily managed by a single control unit BKMR via an Ethernet connection.


The next time you are purchasing or hiring used video equipment start your search at kitplus. Key Protect Menu Overview This menu is used to lock the data so that the setting is not changed by an unauthorized user.


Loosen two screws and remove the cover of an input HS or BKMCC adaptors are used, install the input option port on the rear panel of the monitor. Displays the selected scan mode.

The dot may stop during upgrading, but the data are being upgraded correctly. In this manual, these connectors are referred to as the standard input.

Page 3 Electromagnetic Environment: Automatic adjustment recommended Adjusting Input the reference color-bar signal to the monitor. The level 1 of the selected menu is displayed. Page 62 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Colour Feedback System Using a colour feedback system, the BVM-F monitor achieves the stability required for Broadcast critical monitoring applications.

Page 56 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Entering Characters When selecting in setting mode The cursor moves to the setting value and the monitor enters in setting mode. Chapters Table Of Contents Page 75 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Page 63 Menu Function and operation [ ]: An all-new bit output digital signal processing engine provides a nonlinear cubic conversion colour-management system that delivers precise colour reproduction, stunning picture uniformity, smoother-than-ever gamma performance, and picture quality consistency.

The apparent color reproduction on the monitor is greatly affected by ambient light or glare. When selecting in setting mode The cursor moves to the setting value and the monitor enters in setting mode. Color Temperature white Balance Adj menu of the Adjustment menu.

Page 59 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Reviews 0 Write a review. The monitor can accept up to four optional video input boards simultaneously.


Home Professional Video evfswystawtxxtbxuuyawdacurtbw. Menu Index The menu index shows the principal menu items provided manual on which the item is explained and the main menu with this monitor in alphabetical sequence. Page Side 17 8 If this error message is displayed, contact insertion slot of the controller.


Grade A Sony BVM-F170

If you are looking for a Sony broadcast monitor there are over units available. At CVP we always strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but in the interest of clarity please note that next day is defined as the next working day ie: Pixel Zoom Mode A selected area of the displayed picture can be enlarged on a pixel basis, up to eight times in size both vertically and horizontally. Set Right for the right signal, and Left With serial number or higher: Accurate black reproduction High purity and accurate color reproduction Quick response with virtually no motion blur High contrast performance Super Top Emission Technology Sony’s super top emission technology has a micro-cavity structure which incorporates color filters.

Auxiliary Setting Menu Auxiliary Setting Menu Overview This menu is used for setting the monitor condition such as the aperture modification and decode mode. In addition, the colour filter of each RGB further enhances the colour purity of emitted light, and reduces ambient light reflection.