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The Stage Designer 50 takes the size of a channel dimming console and the functionality of a channel User Manual 3-Pin DMX Cable – 50FT. View and Download Chauvet Stage Designer 50 user manual online. Stage Designer 50 DJ Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Chauvet Stage Designer 50 user manual online. Stage Designer 50 Flood Light pdf manual download.

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Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Chauvet Stage Designer 50 problems and oddities. Chauvet Stage Designer 50 problems and oddities Is it common for some of the buttons to stop working?

At least one of the channel flash buttons no longer works, and today I was trying to replace one scene. I entered Record mode, set the values and entered 4 steps, then exited. On playback, there’s nothing for that scene. I tried this over and over and nothing would get recorded.

I’ve powered everything down and let it sit for 5 minutes, thinking maybe I got it into some mode that a power drain would exit. I really hate these kinds of buttons – they feel like cheap pieces of crap.

Is there a master reset for the unit? There’s also a negative side. Thompson Band promo shots on railroad tracks were cool in Not that I’ve seen in their horribly written manual. There’s an Erase All Programs, but that requires going into Record mode. Too be honest I havent been entirely happy with my stage designer 50 and since replaced it with an obey unit. It doesnt do all the things it is supposed to and for running an automated show hands off its much more complicated with stuff I will never need.

I dropped it once and now the speed fader doesnt work right but whatever. I cant help you with your problem, it sounds defective, send it back if you can or contact chauvet directly.

I’m not entirely happy with my SD 50 either. Garry, I got the ztage 40 and couldnt be happier. It has the option for 6 chases of huge length but also each bank of 8 scenes can be set to work like a chase too 16 banks can be controlled by midi. The mini ones work perfect though. With 8 scenes you can actually do a huge amount if you are creative and use the manusl that a lot of lights come with. Each step can be set to stay on a certain time and the fades can make it srage like theres more going on.


I actually prefer doing things this way because I’m leveraging the strength of the fixtures more and my chases are way more interesting.


Got to add majual, its way easier to program than the stage designer, its night and day. Chxuvet I want to change a scene in any bank I desigmer call it up direct in the program, just change the slider I want everything else stays and re-input it. Steve it’s good to see chavuet happy with your lights buddy! There’s nothing to see here. My bands Facebook page, https: The physical problems of the controller are the same across the entire line of Chauvet controllers.

They drop memory, they have issues with faders, they have issues with buttons and the sure as hell are all annoying as anything to program on from someone coming from a professional lighting background.

Yeah it’s a lot more expensive than an Obey series or Stage Designer, but it will be able to dump your programs if you buy the little memory stick for dirt cheap to be able to save your shows to memory stick won’t dump showsyou will have a much more physically robust controller and you will be able to have a lot more flexibility of programming.

Chauvet Stage Designer 50 User Manual

Oh, and if you want the lights to move in a circle, you just tell the Magic and it does it for you. Same with moving the lights to a band member – you can record preset focuses in to a scene maual you can then update those each night so that the lights mnaual at each band member in the scenes they’re supposed to even if the lights aren’t in the same position.


As far as programmability of the Stage Designer 50 – you can make any fader on the Stage Designer a chase when the buttons are working properly. I have advocated the Stage Designer to many people who have wanted to throw their Obey or DMX series controllers out the window like myself when I had a DMX 70 which eventually broke and I promptly roundfiledand I have gotten numerous positive responses that essentially say the same “night and day” comment that y’all are saying about the Obey controllers except about the Stage Designer.

What can be learned from this?

I had to learn a lot about the Stage Designer by myself and I became an expert at the workarounds for it and the ways that I could trick it in to making it do what I wanted. On my list of things to do in my next Band Lighting Guide is provide the genuine users’ manual for the Stage Designer since I am the one who advocates it in many situations.

It entirely depends on how the controller will be used, what fixtures will be programmed on it, and what the kind of show is. SL, the big downside of the stage designer 50 as GarryH and I have found, is that it doesnt work with the fcb footpedal where the obey series does.

This alone is the only reason I recommend it, aside from the simplicity, for those people who dont plan to have an operator at the console. I know you really dont like them, but for what I need to do hands-off small portable light show they are a better fit at least imo. Clearly no one is reading the manual then. It says exactly how to do a master reset on page Is there a memory battery in the SD50 that needs periodic replacement? Help FAQs Go to top.

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