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Download u – Devan Search. Home · u – Devan. u – Devan. April 19, | Author: Amuthavaani | Category: N/A. C.I.D. Chandru (Tamil Edition) by Devan Devan and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Title: C.I.D. Chandru (Tamil Edition). Publisher: Kizhakku. Publication Date: Binding: Soft cover. Book Condition: New. Book Type: book. About the Seller.

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It was a well attended discourse, and the speaker emphasised the evanescence of fame and popularity, leaving the audience in no doubt, that it was wrong to hanker after fame.

At the end of the discourse, he asked me anxiously when a gist of his discourse would be published in the paper, reminding me that the last time he had been published was three weeks ago!

I smiled to myself and added one more member to the Brahmasri Govardhana Sroutikal Club. Of course, there is no such club.

cid Chandru

Sroutikal lectures on the dangers of being attached to wealth, and Sambu is deeply impressed. Does that mean he should give away all his possessions? Not that Devan was an atheist.

But he recognised that some chandfu are devout, because devoutness has its uses. The astrologer in Gomatiyin Kadalanproves to be nothing more than a clever interrogator, who worms information out of a chandeu Kaveri Ammal, and cunningly gives his astrological exercise the colour of prescience.

Santhanam Iyengar, a hard task master, who does not part with his money easily, chides the cook, when Vedantham is served a watery liquid that passes for coffee. Yes, most of his heroes and heroines were Brahmins.

u – Devan – Free Download PDF

But that does not mean that he portrayed Brahmins in a uniformly good light. Ranganatham does not hesitate to cheat a poor widow. Pranataartihara Iyer and his family cheat the driver of his salary. This was a curse of the Brahmin community; parents sometimes married off their daughters to men old enough to be their grandfathers. We are glad when Chellam escapes the clutches of Chari. Sambu is also innocent of using money as bait.


We do not feel the revulsion we feel in the case of Chari. In later stories, we find delightful romantic exchanges between Vembu and Sambu, and there is never a dull moment in this marriage.

Vembu is as happy with Sambu as she might have been with a younger man. Chandru, despite his acute intelligence and Sherlock Holmes like observations, is a cold fish. He is self-possessed and disdainful of others.

In CID Chandrueight-year old Chemba is able to guess that her sister Padma does not like the woman visitor, because the visitor is beautiful! We all like to be purveyors of bad news, and we derive some kind of ghoulish satisfaction from this.

Aravamudu in Gomatiyin Kadalan is no exception. Iyer warns him not to mention to Gopalan that Rangarajan might have stolen a pair of bangles, Aravumudu resolves that this is the first thing he will talk about when he gets home. There are some people who love to claim kinship where there is none.

Through Kamakshi Ammal, in MythiliDevan gives us a hilarious example. And so she establishes that she is related to her co-passenger in the train!


But you forgot all about it. My mother says I am not to mention it to you again. So I am not mentioning it! The child fades away at the end of each story, and the author realises he has been dreaming. Devan even has a name for this child he aches for – Subrahmanyam, after his favourite deity. Devan was an avid reader and this is evident in his stories. We see shades of Wodehouse in many of his stories.

What a refreshingly different character Swami is! He has a heart of gold, but dons a cloak of rudeness and hates to be thanked for his help.

In life it is common to find men in white, men who have a pleasing demeanour, but whose intentions are malicious. Some people criticise Devan for being unduly optimistic and giving all his stories happy endings. Devan, they argue, is therefore predictable, because no matter what vicissitudes the hero and heroine face, they will eventually overcome all their difficulties.


Well, so what if he is predictable? Fate drags us towards a future we have no control over. The celebration on Sunday has two segments. The morning session organised by Devan Endowments at Smt.

Gopulu, legendary illustrator and close associate of Devan, will be honoured. Gangadhar, Ambai and Prof. Pasupathy Canada are the speakers. The venue shifts to C.

சி.ஐ.டி சந்துரு / C.I.D. Chandru – Devan – Google Books

Madras Book Club joins hands with Devan Endowments for the event. Sundaram and their publisher friend Mr.

Venkatraman, around 40 years ago. The aim was to publish the complete works of Devan. This began in a small way and the interest derived from the royalty of the books was used for helping poor families at the time of marriage or illness, buy oil for the lamp chanrru the daily worship of the nearby Vinayaka temple. The new trustees strove vigorously to bring out all the writings of Devan through Alliance Company, Mylapore, Chennai.

The Trust has supported projects of artists, education of underprivileged, charity organisations and temple maintenance. FromDevan Endowments began honouring writers who focused on humour writing and artists who assisted them in the process, as well as, cartoonists. Printable version Dec 31, Suganthy Krishnamachari September 05, June 02, Shades chandfu Wodehouse Devan was an avid reader and this is evident in his stories.

Honour for Gopulu The celebration on Sunday has two segments. This article is closed for comments. Please Email the Editor.