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The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble Release It ! by Michael T. Nygard Web Operations by John Allspaw The Goal by Eliyahu. Continuous. Delivery. Jez Humble and David Farley. Upper Saddle River, NJ • Boston Continuous delivery: reliable software releases through build, test, and . What is Continuous Delivery? The ability to get changes into production or into the hands of users safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

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Where this book stumbles is with the amount of repetition and lack of real-world examples.

This book is highly relevant for anyone involved in the field of technology: Beyond Software Architecture Luke Hohmann. Review Text Getting software released to users is often a painful, risky, and time-consuming process.

Since I read it cover to cover, this got mildly annoying, but it was pretty minor. Back cover copy Getting software released to users is often a painful, risky, and time-consuming process. There need to be far more examples of real world systems with both good approaches and bad approaches dis I’m a bit torn on this book: I was part of a team that was trying to adopt continuous delivery for the better part of two years. Want to Read saving…. In the last decade I’ve worked at ThoughtWorks and a common theme of our projects has been reducing that cycle time between idea and usable software.

This process also involves testers, as testing is a key element of ensuring error-free releases.

Continuous Delivery

Agile Testing Janet Gregory. It’s insight to word ratio is simply staggering. So be cool with it and enjoy the reading! The foundation for the approach, at least for the development team, is Continuous Integration CI. It is nice for overall understanding of CD, but nothing practical or immediately actionable. Cintinuous It’s a great book to take continuouw perfect grasp of software release strategies.


Lots of good material in here and parts of it are dated being 8 years later.

It seem to me that a book that can show you how to deliver your software frequently and without the usual stresses is a no-brainer to read. Great guideline for Journey of continuous delivery This book is one of the best book on practice of continuous delivery.

Continuous Delivery : Jez Humble :

Managing Data This lesson covers how to manage evolutionary database change, including continuous integration with databases. The content is good but as the Authors stated there is a lot of repetition trade off humbe make chpaters standalone. This means we can get feedback from users throughout the continuouw lifecycle based on humbl software. It’s kind of like bible on continuous delivery delievry I’m sure I’ll be referring back to as certain aspects of it become important in my work.

May 27, Fernando rated it really liked it. They and our colleagues have taken organizations that struggled to deploy software once a year, into the world of Continuous Delivery, where releasing becomes routine. I like how the book repeats over and over its core idea of having automated pipeline that makes feedback to developers faster and shorten the delivery cycle of working software. Jez Humble has been fascinated by computers and electronics since getting his first ZX Spectrum aged 11, and spent several years hacking on Acorn machines in and ARM assembler and BASIC until he was old enough to get a proper job.


Ovidiu Neatu Language independent. The book lacks real world examples but I found it easy to get started once you know what you are looking for.

For that reason, technology cotninuous produce materials that have a relatively short shelf life. With Safari, you learn continuou way you learn best. Finally, they discuss the “ecosystem” needed to support continuous delivery, from infrastructure, data and configuration management to governance.

There’s much wisdom in this book, but it’s buried in boring writing. Dave is currently working for the London Multi-Asset Exchange LMAXan organization that is building one of the highest performance financial exchanges in the world, where they rely upon all of the major techniques described in this book. Event Centric Greg Young. I definitely recommend the reading for software development folks.

User Stories Applied Mike Cohn. Description Winner of the Jolt Excellence Award! The delivert covers everything related to continually delivering working software: This capability provides an incredible competitive advantage for organizations that are willing to invest the effort to pursue it.

Estimating, planning, working together, following good engineering practices – these are tough adjustments for completely chaotic teams. Threading through it all is a high degree of automation so things can be done quickly and without error. Sep 21, Giorgi Bakradze rated it liked it.