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Congratulations on purchasing a Cybook Opus, the electronic book This manual contains comprehensive information about your Cybook. Opus to help you. Most of the first Cybook users did notice that the Cybook Gen3 user’s guide was not in the Cybook as described in the Quick Start Guide. The Cybook Gen3 is a 6-inch ebook reader by Bookeen and is the European version of the Netronix EB, but with different firmware installed. Unlike the.

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Bookeen has been active in this field for some years: Thanks to irenedelse; however, this dumb Mac user cannot seem to figure out how to download the user guide to the cybook, although I have had no problem downloading several books.

Cybook Gen3 Review – Bookeen’s 6″ eReader

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Unfortunately, the audio jack is a 2. Mobipocket doesn’t allow DRM-protected ebook support for both their format and Adobe Digital Editions at the same time. The manual isn’t readable by FBReader. PDFs are unreadable on the Cybook, no matter how you set it up. Depending on the font and font size selected, the number of pages in any one book will vary, making it difficult to estimate how many books can be read within this number of page refreshes.

I live there and wonder where can you find it.

If Mobipocket is installed on your computer, you can read it. Some users report problems with memory cards not working properly.

Cybook Gen3 Review

Or Adobe Digital Editions support through firmware upgrade: The Cybook forum on Mobileread is also a good place to hear from knowledgeable Cybook users: However, there are also dedicated e-book readers — not many admittedly, but enough to exist as a distinct product category.


Download the eBook file here. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8. Amazon’s Kindle, which is not yet available in the Maualis also an E-ink device.

I Had same problem with adding fonts and I find out, that you must erase file system. This adds considerably to the overall size of what needs to be carried, but offers some protection for the device — particularly its 6in. Please some help for those of cybkok who are trying to use the cybook with mac. You cybok to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services.

For those who have not yet a Cybook, download the file kanual double-click on it. It is a slate-style device and, on the front, almost all screen. Then you can transfer the font files. Download the eBook file here.

The screen is unusual as it has no backlight and is not reflective. Apple iPhone 7 Gem3 9. This blog is here to give you hot news on our developments and initiate discussions about every aspect of the ebook industry. Roughly the same size as a paperback novel in height and width, it hits an ergonomic sweet maunal.

If you’re a mac user on Safari the manual won’t download. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Bookeen Cybook Gen3 Review | ZDNet

Below the navigation controller, on the bottom edge, there’s a removable plastic panel where the USB port and headphone jack are hidden. This means you can leave a screen showing information for several minutes with no power being used to maintain the image. Sporting a black plastic casing, it has a minimalistic design with a four-way navigation controller on the front and four small buttons on the left side for accessing the menu, music files, options, and delete.


After I dropped some normal. If you already have a Cybook Gen3, you don’t need the desktop Mobipocket Reader to read the user’s manual, or any Mobipocket format ebook, for that matter.

It shows up as a storage device when plugged into your computer, making copying files as easy as dragging and dropping.

It has been said that e-book readers are one of the great missed opportunities of the portable computing world. Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but the manual does not explain anything about this matter.

Bookeen Cybook Gen3

For a complete listing of ebook retailers visit our ebooks page. Front View, description for button [2] is missing3.

For those who have a Cybook: Between them, these controls provide everything you need for navigation. We like the Cybook Gen3’s built-in audio playback capability. I switched to Firefox and it downloaded to my desktop right away.

In short, we found it no more demanding than reading text on paper.