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Ardent, Barbarian, Runepriests, Seeker, and Shaman may also be built for a Divine power source); Shaman (Defender or Striker secondary role, Wis, Con. [PH] Contents[show] Class traits A 1st level seeker begins with hit points equal to 12 plus the seeker’s Constitution score, healing surges per day equal to 7. Dungeons & Dragons®, and D&D® are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast®. .. Student of Divine Runes (Runepriest) [PH3].

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You know the mental pathways that lead to amazing edifices of altered reality. You own a ritual book.

Psions make manifest their secret wishes when others can only dream. For some browsers, the best way to save this character sheet is to select “print” and save in. ControllerDefenderLeaderor Striker. Sign In Don’t have an account? If this was a mistake, please forgive me and hp3 your character sheet. Battle resilience grants damage resistance to the battlemind for a short time as a free action when the battlemind is first hit or missed by an attack in an encounter.

A character with the Defender role primarily focuses enemy fire by making it difficult for enemies to move past, and punishing enemies who attack other party members.


The party leader—if the group has one—might as easily be a charismatic warlock or an authoritative paladin. Psions are the quintessential manipulators of psionic power. I have not allowed “Master at Arms” to be taken with any specific weapon expertise feat. Bloodbond The seeker gains encaging spirits as an encounter power.

See above] x&d Will: Your book contains that ritual, which you p3 use without expending components once per day. Level 1 Daily Powers: The Minotaur has returned as a playable race, and his companion on the cover is actually a Githzerai, a race of individuals once dominated in thrall by Illithids mindflayers. The only prerequisite is that you are trained in the associated skill. At 7th, 13th, 17th, 23rd, and 27th level, you can replace one of your at-will attack powers with another one of your level or lower.

Limiting 4e Source Material: Sly Flourish

Spent power points are regained after a short rest or extended rest. Battleminds gain the use of the battlemind’s demandblurred stepand mind spike at-will powers. A 3rd-level pph3 chooses a third at-will attack power.

See above] [Jack of All Trades: Multiclass Paragon Use for unlisted “Martial Power” and online paragon paths, etc.

Player’s Handbook (3.5e)

A psion gains 4 hit points per level. You can instead augment your class at-will attack powers using power points.

There may be a world of difference between the dd& two races, as you can see here, but they provide fascinating forays into imaginative dimensions of game play. Paladin Armor Proficiency Psion: Sign In Don’t have an account? You can use your power points to augment any augmentable power you have, regardless of how you gained the power.


These powers have the augmentable keyword. Seeker powers, having a primal power sourceare also called evocations. It also helps to choose a strength or endurance sport that requires little coordination build yourself up; I’m an endurance swimmerto say only nice things, to remember that relationships are more important than being right, and to work hard to be extra kind to everyone around you.

I do need to be selective in what I include. Write an extra on your character sheet.


As mentioned above, another option is available to players beyond multiclassing. A battlemind begins trained in any three of the following skills. Expanded Discipline Focus Ranger: Sign In Don’t d&x an account? Level 22 Utility Powers: Fighter Act of Desperation No Surrender. Level 29 Daily Powers: The Rogue is the classic Striker class.