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Sales and Distribution of Bisleri Dazzle Kinley (1) .. The general distribution channel of Bisleri looks like this: MANUFACTURING PLANT COMPANY. Bisleri has realized that availability is the key to success and for the success of this concept; the distribution channel has to be up to the mark. Bisleri International uses hub varied sizes through distribution channels such.

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Bisleri is a famous brand of bottled water in India and it was found in Disgribution has a very strong distribution network and it has reach to almost all region of the country.

Its operations run throughout the subcontinent of India and channek one of the leading bottled water supplying companies. As of now, Bisleri has 80 bottling plants Pan India, amongst which 12 are their own and 68 are licensed.

It deals not only in bottled water but also in energy drinks, soda, facial wipes, stand and faucet, ice box.

Distribution Network of Bisleri

Bisleri has a wide and well managed bisler appointed for taking up the responsibility of distribution of its products to diverse parts of the country. Bisleri uses three level of distribution channel as it includes dealers, wholesalers and retailers. The participants play a vital role in success and failure of any business.


They actually bridge the gap between suppliers and end consumers thus framing the outline for a company in end users mindset. The existing situation in which Bisleri is operating is oligopoly.

This means that companies have more pricing power than if they were operating in perfect market circumstance. The marketing strategy provides the design for achieving them the linkage between marketing strategies and overall corporate success is indeed direct and vital.

Bisleri has been developing the drinks for over a year and after final testing and development, they are now all set to launch the array of economical and refreshing soft drinks. Indian consumers are tired of the existing range of products and need something new and innovative.

Bisleri has gained the tremendous success in the field of bottled industry. Bisleri is a famous brand of bottled water in India.

Distribution Network of Bisleri – Research Paper

Ramesh Chauhan joined the Parle group, found by Jayantilal Chauhan, in Bisleri, an Italian mineral water company, was launched in India in the yearand bought by Parle from the Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri in as the company was unable to market bottled water, and planned to exit the market. They merely used the name and launched Bisleri soda with two variants — carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water.


Bisleri soda, though doing well, had to be discontinued, as Parle sold their soft drink brands to Coca-Cola in After the sale to Coca-Cola, Ramesh Chauhan dedicated dhannel to develop Bisleri as a brand and bring safe drinking water into the public domain.

His undying determination and vision has made Bisleri a premium mineral water brand and a household name.

Bisleri to have own distribution network

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