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E5CK AA1 302 PDF

E5CK-AA AC Omron Automation and Safety Controllers TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Omron E5CK-AA Explore Omron on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. E5CK-AA – Galco can perform Process Control – Temperature Controller Repairs for most industrial applications.

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e5kc D Front panel programming. D Ordering Information Note: Description Standard model Position-proportional model See Note Of the U, L1, and L2 thermocouples at any temperature: No heater burnout detection or heater current value measurement is possible if the control output heat for less than ms. The figure below Menu Display shows all modes in the order that they are displayed.

Recommended panel thickness mm. J E5EK 48 1.

E5CK-AA – Omron – Electrol Supply

Maintain the specified vertical and horizontal mounting space between each Unit. Units must not be closely mounted vertically or horizontally.

To pull out the internal mechanism from the housing, use a Phillips screwdriver matching the screw on the lower part of the front panel.

Turn the screw counterclockwise while pressing the hook on the upper part of w5ck front panel. Carefully pull out the internal mechanism while holding the left and right sides of the front panel.

Always turn off the power supply to the Digital Controller before changing any switch settings standard model, set up the Output Modules for control outputs 1 and 2 before mounting the Controller position-proportional Remove the Power Board in the order shown in the following diagram. Power board E5CK 1. Two rectangular holes are provided on the Power Board right side of Controller. Fit the two protrusions of the output board into these two holes.


With the output board fitted into the Power Board, fit the output board into the connector on the control board left side of Controller Fit the mounting bracket accessory into the mounting e5ckk on the top and bottom of the rear case. Insert the E5CK Controller into the cutout on the panel, as shown in the figure here.

E5CK-AA Omron Temperature Controller Out of Stock – Santa Clara Systems

Push the adapter along the Controller body from the ter- minals up to the panel, and fasten temporarily. Fasten the Terminal Cover as fol- lows by using the plastic pin. Wiring In the aw1 wiring diagrams, the left side of the terminal numbers indicate the inside of the Controller. E5AK Connect the sensor input to terminal numbers and 33 as follows according to the input type.

E5EK Connect the sensor input to terminal numbers and 23 as follows according to the input type. E5CK Connect e5co sensor input to terminal numbers indicated here, according to the input type The following diagrams show the available Output Modules and their internal The five output types and internal circuits are available according to the Output Board Output type Part number 1 6 Terminal numbers 9 and 10 are for control output 2 OUT2. The three output types and internal circuits are available according to the Output Board However, note that terminal numbers cannot E5CK Terminal numbers 1, 13, and 14 are valid only when the Option Board is set in the Controller The following four connections are possible depending on e5cl model of the Option Board Connection Example Wire the terminals of the Unit using solderless terminals.

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Use eck following type of solderless terminals for M3. The alarm outputs of a mod- el with an alarm function may not turn ON properly when the model malfunctions. The use of aa11 equipment with the model is recommended.


Orders are not subject to rescheduling or cancellation unless Buyer indemnifies Omron against all related costs or expenses. Omron shall not be liable for any delay or failure in delivery resulting from causes beyond its control, including earthquakes, fires, floods, strikes or other labor disputes, shortage of labor or materials, accidents to machinery, acts of sabotage, riots, delay in or lack of transportation or the requirements of any government authority Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd.

All other trademarks aw1 the property of their respective owners. Download datasheet 3Mb Share this page. Copy your embed code and put on your site: Non-standard model with built-in quick auto-tune button.

E5CK-AA1-302 AC100-240

When using the heater burnout alarm function with a standard model, the Linear Output Module cannot be used for the control. The Digital Controller provides transfer outputs at 4 to 20 mA for the PV and other values and control outputs at.

Position-proportional models are intended for motorized valves not mA modulating valves. Part numbers ending in include a Finger Safe cover. Page 12 J Settings Note: