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estoy harta de que esa gorrona me pida tabaco — I’m sick to death of that scrounger asking me for cigarettes / of that woman scrounging cigarettes off me. 3 reviews of Foster’s Hollywood “Un sitio barato de comida rápida donde encontraras mas Destaca la bebida ilimitada en el menú.” Cheque gorrón. Jejeje. AI igual que en el primer volumen Aleman-Espaiiol, en este tomo Espaiiol-. Aleman tam de un cheque Widerruf m eines. Schecks; – de biirgschaft j; – de un cheque Scheckbiirg-. schaftJ gorron m, es Nassauer m; Schmarotzer m ;.

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Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I thought you all would find this interesting She was interviewed about the Hotel Hershey and its spa treatments. If anyone would like to listen to the chheque, here is the link to it Mil gracias por la info. No te molestes en llevarle a mi mama las botellas pero te agradezco mucho ell oferta. Le pedi que las compre en la Europea – creo que esta en el centro no?

Me habias dicho que tenias ganas de probar el Fiesta Agave. Here’s the deal, le pido a mi mama que te traiga una botella but you have to come get it to Orange County!

Any chance que vengan over the hollidays a ver los papas de Elizabeth? Despite Thanksgiving not being a holiday on this side of the world, I explained the concept of it to Nathalie some time ago and since then we have always had a special turkey dinner on the date.

Yesterday was no expection, and I must say it was delicious and special since it was the first time we celebrated with a child at our table. Looking forward to many more.

Parallels H-Sphere

Happy turkey day to all. Have a Happy thanksgiving day!!!!! Yo hoy en vez de pavo, sirvo Paella. Que estas cuidando los carbos, curiosamente y es algo que no todo el mundo sabe el Vino y los Licores son bajos en Carbos. En cuanto a comprar Fiesta Agave en Mexico lo puede encontrar en la Europea o si quieres que me hable y yo te las llevo a tu casa.

It seems that you went to Indiana U and stayed forever! I recently watched an old movie about some “townies” in Indiana who like to race bicycles “breaking away”?? Somehow everytime I see it I remember you and Indiana U. Congrats on your two daughters nice names too and your husband. Whatever happened to your dancing? Good look with your upcomiing trip. Nostrovya salud in Russian, I think! Happy Thanksgiving to all. John, Mike Foarde’s older brother Tim has an email address listed on my web page, if you want to get in touch with him.


Tienes alguna idea de cuantos gramos de carbohidratos hay en un shot de Tequila? Mi mama viene de Mexico en diciembre y le quiero encargar dos que tres botellas. A donde puede comprar tu Tequila? Does anyone know what ever happened to Mike Foarde? I have been trying to locate him for years with no luck.

Fosters Hollywood “Cheque Gorrón” on Pantone Canvas Gallery

I think he left in ninth grade. I would really appreciate any leads or information. For years I have wondered where and how you where! I’ll e mail you inthe next day or so to catch up!! Great pics of Sonia. I had no idea she was pregnant! Tell her felicidades from the class of ‘ You are certainly a busy aunty these days. Isn’t Heather Fraser due in the next month or so with her second one?

Rene’s two boys are growing up fast and they are still so adorable! It is so amazing how quickly time flys and how much catching up we had to do. Hope everyone has a great weekend. My two “hermanas” having babies.

I am so excited for you. I am so impressed your learning two new languages. Heck, living in Texas I feel I’m losing my proper English grin.

When do you leave and when do you return. I want to see the picture of Alessa too! Craig and I send condolences to both you and John. Our prayers are with you. I guess a number of us are more or less in the same situation, with our parents not getting any younger -if they’re still around.

Fernando, congrats on gorgon second child. Bet you’re ready for a child now, heh, heh. Good enough reason to go for another one, Anacecilia, you always learn what not to do with the first one. Sammy, no relation to Pat McGrath. By the way, no relation to Mrs. McGrath either, a question always seemed to be made by boys at the gororn.

Come on, this happened in fifth grade! I’ll need at least gorrn 30 years. But she’ll get fan mail and anonymous calls for sure. In the name of Ricardo Ortega, Cary, and many, many others, thanks for the number. Gerardo, Christy’s email is christinecueto hotmail. Or try ccueto firmacorp. Cindy, have a great trip, and continue to enjoy the “birth” process! I finally found the Class of ’81! My address was turn into the Class of ’82 reunion mailing list.

Ogrron only recognized a few names. I can tell I need to spend a few hours reading up on everyone. It’s great to see so many people names again. I’m in Bloomington, Indiana enjoying a good life. I have two daughters, Megan 10 and Kelli 7. My email address is mcdevitp city.


We haven’t left yet, we were supposed to leave this Sat, but INS has held us up for another week to two weeks Or we could go through a bottle or two of the 30 bottles of Pisco I have in the crawl space when we get back.

I am in the process of learning Russian and Polish as we will need a bit of both. We do have a translator the entire time in Ukraine, but not in Poland. We should have pics of Alessa in the Hula outfit I’ll have to email you. She has a flower lay I don’t think that is how you spell chequue that she insists on wearing everywhere right now.

Halloween was short for us, and somehow the sweatpants and T shirt underthe outfit, kinda took away from the complete feeling.

Fosters Hollywood “Cheque Gorrón”

Will write more when I get a chance. Let’s set something up Tell us all about it. What was Alessa’s reaction to bringing Breighton home? How are they getting along? Elena, what a precious baby!

Apparently they had the same kind of blankets where your nephew was born as where my babies were born in Louisiana. He is a cute little baby, or as my daughter Kirsten would say “He is a cutie petutie! I would not miss changing my babies diapers though! Anyway, this week’s lesson is ready. Like I said, at popular request at the reunion I am teaching, briefly, on the subject of hell. This week’s study answers questions like what is hell like?

Are there second chances? Anyway, its posted, here’s the link: Sorry I haven’t had time to post, but I gorrln been busy with adoption and getting the house ready for more diapers and trying to learn Russian and Polish!

Your “hookie” day sounded like more fun than our “hookie” days when we where freshman AnaCeci: I will have 2 in diapers, and since Yuri we will change his name to Breighton but keep his middle name, Sergievich is 51 weeks younger than Alessa I can tell you, however, having gone through a few miscarriages and a stressful pregnancy, adoption is also stressful in a different way.