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What does “Modulor” represent for the history of architecture and why is it In these texts, Le Corbusier expressed his support of the research that . del cuerpo en la arquitectura: El Modulor de Le Corbusier] 27 Sep Unidas, la urgencia de definir el Modulor respondió a una necesidad inmediata: para Le Corbusier: Le Modulor II, Éditions de l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui. Le Corbusier, The Modulor. Formula for architectural proportion based on the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci Series, and a slightly idealized male human body.

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Le Corbusier

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Moduulor, who was Swiss-born, then acquired French nationality, was a complete artist: He studied classical architecture during several voyages. He discovered the solid bases of classical architecture, but was also curious to explore other cultures. Throughout his career, dorbusier continually mixed heritage and modernity.


His buildings are found in twelve countries and four continents. After moddulor career lasting sixty years, he died accidentally on 27 August His work is now considered as the international emblem of the Modern Movement in architecture. It provided new solutions:. It provided new solutions: Le Corbusier combined the organisation of space with the use of carefully chosen colours, which reflect his main lines of thought: Man is the driving force of his creation.

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His most emblematic works include: Maisons La Roche et Jeanneret. Maisons de la Weissenhof-Siedlung. Villa Savoye et loge du jardinier.

Salaun, Olivier Martin-Gambier, P. Maison du Docteur Curutchet. Charles Bueb, Giedion,Hans W.

Cabanon de Le Corbusier. Olivier Martin-Gambier et W.

Maison de la Culture de Firminy. Accepter Refuser En savoir plus.