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She’s known as the Snow Maiden-an operative of a secret group dedicated to world domination. To get their hands on her, U.S. Special Forces Captain. Tom Clancy’s Endwar: The Hunted by David Michaels, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Tom Clancy’s EndWar By David Michaels – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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The Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable versions feature turn-based tactics instead of the real-time tactics of their console counterparts.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar

A sequel was in the works, but due to the game’s commercial failureit was officially cancelled on February 8, A nuclear terrorist attack occurs in Saudi Arabia inkilling six million people and crippling the supply of oil from the Middle Eastplunging the world into an unprecedented energy crisis. Emboldened by the success of the tests, the U.

The United Kingdom and Ireland opt not to join the new state, however, and instead form their own union known as the “New Commonwealth,” which remains neutral but allows European forces to man the missile defense uplink sites on its territory.

As EF membership is restricted to only the richest entities in Europe, nations too weak to join the EF, notably those in the Balkans and Eastern Europecollapse completely and are subsequently taken over by Russiawho refer to it as “their land.

Russia, being the world’s number one supplier of natural gas and crude oil, enjoys a massive economic boom as a result of dsvid worldwide energy crisis. Its michasls wealth is spent on modernizing its militarycreating its own missile defense system, and utilizing its power to influence world events. The militarization of space reaches its peak inendar the U. While partly designed for civilian research purposes, the station will also house three companies of U.

Marineswho can deploy anywhere on Earth within ninety minutes. International reaction is very hostile, particularly endwae both Russia and the EF, who see the space station as a way in which the United States could neutralize their portion of anti-ballistic defenses and upset the balance of power. On March mchaels,EF uplink sites in the “lawless zone,” where Croatia used to be, are attacked by an as-yet unidentified michwels of terrorists, who are using T tanks, from a beached cargo ship.

During the battle, the EF attempts to gain access to the cargo ship that the terrorists use, but the ship is destroyed before they can gain access.

Details of the attack are kept secret. On April 4,when the final module of the Freedom Star is set to launch from Kennedy Space Center amid international outcry, the same group of terrorists attack the module and attempt to destroy it, using the same methods as the Croatian attack. Once again they are repulsed, this time by the United States Joint Strike Force JSF as reports of yet another terrorist attack come in, this time of an assault on the Rozenburg petrol plant in the Netherlands. After being defeated by EFEC forces, the terrorists identify themselves michadls the “Forgotten Army,” composed of people from a collection of failed states in the BalkansAfricaendwsr South America.

Following a final terrorist attack, this michals on a Russian power plant near Minsk an attack michaela the Russians had been aware of beforehand, but played along with for aesthetic purposesthe U.

Suspecting there to be a conspiracy within davd European government to prevent the completion of the Freedom Starthe Americans send a black ops team to abduct Pulain while he inspects the uplink network in Copenhagenthe site of the EF’s main naval base. They manage to capture him, but an anonymous call by Russia informs the police of Denmarkallowing EFEC forces to prevent extraction and trap the team in one of the uplinks.

On April 7,the U. The events in Copenhagen spark a major international incident, but the U. As last-minute peace talks are arranged to be held on neutral ground in Londonit is revealed to the player only that Russia funded mjchaels Forgotten Michals attacks and planted the evidence against Pulain, citing the need to keep the EF and the U.


Encwar entire crew is killed, and news reports blaming problems from “malfunction” to “terrorist hijacking” to finally “EF satellite. Russia initially joins the U. World War III has begun. World War III is an open-ended part of the story where the player chooses their faction and character and tries to mkchaels all three capitals or 28 battlefields.

The campaign plays much like Prelude to War with a few additional options. During World War III, between battles, the player has the option to choose between several battle locations. The battles that the player did not choose will be fought by the machine. Also, battles lost or quit by players cannot be replayed and the territory is lost, whereas in Prelude to Warplayers could retry each battle until successful. Players may upgrade their chosen battalion, with ebdwar attack, defense, mobility, and ability characteristics.

At the conclusion of each campaign battle a summary screen is shown. This screen includes information including number of battalion units promoted, amount of credits money received, command rating, medals, mission duration, and a quote by a famous military leader. The player can gain a more in depth understanding of the battle summary by viewing the details screens, which provide a breakdown of statistics, ranking, etc.

During micgaels course of the war, several background situations arise, such as adverse weather, conditions like typhoons causing people to become homeless and rescue teams being dispatched.

There are also reports of protest against the war from around the world as well as by individual figures such as the Pope.

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These parts of the story are told via television reports. They also report the sinking of enemy shipping by airstrikes and weapons of mass destruction.

As the war progresses, the leader of an opposing nation survives an advid attempt, around Turn When the enrwar has ended, the winning faction takes control of the world and a special scene dzvid shown, which shows the winning faction’s flag and troops parading with the voice of the faction’s general talking about their victory and what will happen in the future.

Depending on whether it is United States, Europe or Russia michaela is the winning side, the cutscene is different due to different speeches by generals and different reasons for starting the war. In an IGN interview, De Plater said the setting of EndWar as a possible series, but now cancelled due to poor sales is a global battle, but the first installment is focused on the North Atlantic theater of battle: Europe, Enndwar, and North America. Players will hear reports of events in other parts of the world, such as reactions to the war by the Pope and various other countries, as well as actions in michxels war that the player takes no part in.

Imp Rebs has confirmed 4×4 will be offered in the full version. Endwaar Plater confirmed the game to be a Real-time tactics strategy war game. The emphasis will be more on smaller scale battles rather than the overarching campaign. Ubisoft also claims that the game is “completely controllable through voice commands.

There are three playable factions in EndWar:. There are seven types of units available for direct command: Troops which have been with the player for many michafls will be more effective than fresh recruits. You can customize it. You can choose its motto and its heraldry. You can change its composition and abilities. These upgrades are where the seven unit types can gain great variety and specialization through three different ways-experience, equipment, and training, all of which have different effects and abilities.

This allows many of the related unit types other games consider a different class have merely to be folded into one of the eight present in EndWar. For example, a rifleman may be upgraded to a sniper unit rather than having that unit type exist by itself.

Each individual unit can be upgraded, improving their armor or offensive capability. Upgrades must be bought from points earned in the game. The player will not control individual soldiers, but much larger platoons and companies. The soldiers will behave realistically, using stealth and davie tactics.

Veterans will act based on their experience in previous battles.

Craters, walls, debris, and buildings can be used for cover, and units can be pinned down by heavy enemy fire. De Plater hinted at the game being streamlined with regards to units, resource management, etc. He stated that “every time they cut features out, it just made the game better. Also, the resource system will be stripped down compared to other RTS games.


Each unit costs the eendwar amount of resources, which are gained by capturing strategic points on the battlefield. Reinforcements will be handled realistically meaning all new units must be transported onto the battlefield by a transport vehicle or in the case of helicopters, will fly in from off-screen.

To call in new units it costs michals one and six CP Command PointsCommand Points are also used to call in airstrikes, force recon, and electronic warfare, the three kinds of off-map support. Command Points regenerate at a rate of around one point for every 30 seconds and are also gained for killing enemy units, the player gains a bonus of four Command Points for capturing an uplink.

Air strikes that can be used to damage or destroy enemy units. Electronic warfare disrupts enemy communications, disables shields, reveals hidden traps and infantry, and immobilizes enemy vehicles and helicopters. Force Recon is a support weapon that sends a regular army unit to a captured uplink to protect it, or to attack a designated hostile. When an uplink is crashed its upgrade can no longer be used and it no longer counts towards victory; Crashing an Uplink does not damage any units davie the battlefield and can only be done once.

A WMD, however, destroys all units within a large blast area, whether friendly or not.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar by David Michaels | : Books

WMDs recharge slowly, so they can be used again. There are four types of missions in the game: Tom Clancy’s EndWar offers the player a voice interface. Instead of controlling the game via mouse and keyboardthe player may optionally issue commands using a microphone. The voice interface is made possible by a speech recognition engine, supporting at least the English language. Officials at Ubisoft Shanghai said it was also possible to control the game using only voice commands; Jeff Bakalar of CNET concurred, saying the demonstration he watched ran for twenty minutes without any perceptible faults.

Hearing enemy soldiers communicate gives the player a strategic advantage to counter the enemy’s attack with one of their own.

Ubisoft has even created a video showing parrots commanding units using their voice. The primary view in the game is from the perspective of one of the units under the player’s command. The view can be moved a short distance from the selected unit or switched to that of another unit. Enemy units will only be detected if they are within the Line-of-Sight of a unit, which is a more realistic type of fog of war than is found in most other strategy games.

In addition to the units’ point of view, there is a tactical map or Sitrep view, which shows the entire map with the locations of all allied and any visible enemy units which can be used to issue commands. Sitrep can only be accessed if a Command Vehicle is deployed on the battlefield. A private beta test version was playable among Xbox Live Gold members. It included three maps and both 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

Tom Clancy’s Endwar: The Hunted : David Michaels :

The beta test began June 16, and ended July 9, The VIP demo for Xbox users who pre-ordered the game was released a little more than a week late on October The demo features one single-player story mission, one map that is playable in Skirmish mode with either 1 vs. AI, and a Voice Command Trainer. There is also a special code that appears when the user exits emdwar demo, which is used to unlock a special Spetznaz battalion for use in the full game.

The special edition of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 included a video with the first live gameplay footage of this game. There have been online advertisements, as well as an EndWar website at Endwargame.