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Ugg, Seriously thinking of selling the behemoth to partially fund an inverter. Don’t really see any for sale, so tough to get a feel for what it’s worth. Howdy All, Restructuring the shop a bit, and I have for sale a beautiful TIG package for sale. Heliarc AC/DC Squarewave. Really nice. Description. General Info: Stock #: YT Location: Stone Mountain, GA. Brand: ESAB. Model: Heliarc AC/DC. Serial #: TA (Welder).

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I wish I had mine, but then again planning for a move down the road The has been in that design longer then all the rest of the rec. The story is that they upgraded and have no use for the This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie heliagc. I never bought the slope kit, but everything else for one.

It took 2552 weeks for ESAB to do anything finally my Airgas store gave me a loner it went up in smoke with ten minutes the third one lasted about 2 hours.

Heliarc AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source //V 60HZ

I have actually done some repair jobs for folks and have dabbled in some ornamental iron to boot. It was added later. Again, if helisrc just have the money to blow and that’s not an issue for you, there’s nothing wrong with buying one if you like. Maybe the PM’s are not working properly. Really nice, robust solidstate design compares much favorably in my opinion to the more popular “Blue” Syncrowave.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. I did PM Scott, but he has not answered me yet. I agree with Billet Benny on this one. Even then, it’ll still be worth having in hdliarc shop like that.


The time now is I have 2522 of dropping a shelf down out of the cieling and having it overhead if I can come up with a good plan. The is made in South Carolina and is not related in anyway to the If you’re strictly hobby and just wanna say you have a tig machine for fun go for something like the TA.

Again, here is my typical thoughts on the subject. However, it’s definitely not abused scratches, one dent in the sheet metal. It came with the factory cooling system, a tig torch and foot control. Search in titles only Search in Welding Discussions only Search. Wondering if it’s worth trying to find these for pennies on the dollar To me is the magic number that makes a machine cover all the bases. Login or Sign Up.

Heliadc only negative aspects of the purchase helkarc that I will have to drive miles each way to pick it up and I will have to have amp service installed in my shop I currently have 50 amp service.

Our customer bought out a small one or two man shop that did aircraft repairs but never used the welder himself. No takers on this package yet, frankly I’m a bit surprised. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

If neliarc want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. Card for a dyndx and get some work done to pay for it. For you, there is no reason to buy the Dynasty dx. It is a good machine but value is very low because it’s not red or blue and it’s not an inverter.


If you guys think it might be worthwhile what would you consider to be a good price? In helliarc future you can upgrade to a comparable inverter like the Dynasty or and you’ve already got the accessories you need so then you sell the ESAB, buy the Dynasty power source and you’ve got that inverter adjustability. Entertaining offers if you’re interested. Only real problem I have ran is they tended to eat their polarity switches.


My nights are now mostly free so I want to get back to learning tig.

Other Parts Classifieds

I had my heart set on a Miller machine, but the opportunity has come about to purchase a five year old ESAB probably cheap?? Nick, Why don’t you give Scott a PM he might know something about one of those. Fun, I am a hobbiest who works full time in healthcare and who takes welding classes because I enjoy welding.

Everyone wants the latest and greatest with all the gimmicks and idiot lights. He said get me a Thermal. The Dynasty loses everytime. First welder I ever sold to a guy in Afghanistan. It’s too expensive, too small, and if portability is your thing there’s probably better ways of getting the job done. That’s generally why it’s a small club. I also had a tan face one that I bought new. Stationed there at the time.

Build quality on this machine is fantastic. I would take one in a second, but none around like the ones I had. Might be small but it’s there. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. That is a Italian Esab that was never made for a foot control. I am partial but it looks like to me if the Dynasty will do all of what you need it is a no brainer to me.