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I corresponded with Kirsten Miller and unless she has changed her mind since we Me gusto mucho más que Eternos, pero no creo que merezca las cinco. Fallen by Lauren Kate Remembrance by Michelle Madow The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller Evermore by Alyson Noel Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz. 1. Bank St. Irregular Twitter · 1. Bank St. Irregular Blog Archive · 3. Coming Soon · 1. Squirrels are Evil · 2. Bigfoot Lives · 1. Ghost Stories · 1. Kirsten Miller.

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There is further potential for the sequel to be interesting if Miller sticks with the intriguing parts but the reliance on easy ways out left me feeling cold.

I am going to be honest, the first half of it dragged quite a bit for me, but once Haven met Iain it got a lot better. When I was reading about eterrnos romance, I couldn’t stop giggling!

Beau was totally gorgeous, athletic, charming, and also gay.

It’s like Kirsten Miller dragged me all the way into a ,iller, let me smell the aroma, marvel at the chocolates, buy one even and then just when I am about to take a bite BAM! It made the love stories more complex and real and since that was the major theme in the book, it was developed quite well. Throw in a few unnecessary characters: With realistic character development in response to believable problems and many other interesting complications, All You Desire shows marked improvement over my early impressions of its prequel The Eternal Ones.


So basically if your looking simply for romance this probably wont be the re book to read however if you enjoy a little mystery you should definitely give this a go. Her grandmother is about to have a conniption fit and the entire town are about ready to burn Haven on the cross. He is very one dimensional and his entire motive for the things he does is simply because he can.

Kirsten Miller – Wikipedia

Kristen como narran milled historia. How much of it do we get to see? When she was just a child Haven would often speak about having to find Ethan Evans in New York City, and she would refer to herself as Constance Whitman. And it’s apparent that Emma Galvin will never be one of my favorite narrators.

So overall, a fantastic sequel! How random Recipe for The enternal ones 1. You are always aware of the space between the lines and you are always trying to infer what they are saying.

Oct 29, Kogiopsis rated it liked it. Started out with a strong likable main character named Haven and her eternoa friend Beau. Of course number one bad guy Adam Rosier is the prime suspect but he’s not the only one keeping tabs on Haven.

The Eternal Ones (Eternal Ones, #1) by Kirsten Miller

There were no redeeming qualities to eternoos. SO problem solved and hopes lived up to. And check out the promo websites linked below, they’re so cool! Published June by Editorial Alfaguara first published August 1st I don’t have to particularly like the South to dislike that.


The lack of serious development over these pages was also disappointing, especially since the potential was limitless. Just as the trio passed by, one of the models caught her heel in the carpet and stumbled toward Haven, all whirling arms and wternos mascara. Is there a 3rd in the works?

And the love interest, Ian, is either a masochist or completely whipped to follow a woman through lifetimes who is obviously so thickheaded. Don’t get me wrong, it leaves a few things set up for the next book, but the story told in this book is resolved.

To call him one dimensional would be kind. With the other half of the book being set in New York, the contrasts in the atmosphere and environment is well highlighted. Really great book, really enjoyed it, and I really hope that we’ll get another book, because that’d be awesome!

The Eternal Ones

She was always treated different throughout her whole life, but it made her a stronger better person. And how can Haven know who to trust? And of course, intead of opting for a book by Sarah Dessan, I read this one.

But their bubble of bliss is finally burst when Haven finds out kirsgen her best friend Beau has gone missing. Overall, I didn’t like this book at all.