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it saves them as separate Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer reports and the only MBSA automatically saves the reports in XML files there’s no “export”. I ran the MBSA tool to get a report of what security updates are loaded on a remote computer. Now I want to print this report out, but there is nothing within the gui. Use the Task Query Baseline Security (MBSA) to identify various risks on The initial report shows the results per issue. Saving and exporting information.

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But of course there will be machines which cannot be scanned for whatever reason. If you are not a system administrator, you should not run these scans.

MBSA | The Admin Guy’s Blog

Msba performs the following actions during a scan: A window will display when the installation has been successfully completed.

Skip to main content. If either of these services is unavailable or disabled, the scan results will indicate this. Visit Microsoft for a list of supported versions of Microsoft Office. Once the scan is complete, the scan results are shown in an organized report with several sections.

This report file is stored on the computer from which you ran the MBSA tool. A list of machines is gathered from the WSUS server and stuffed in a file. The Result details window contains details about the mbssa in this case, weak passwords.

A green checkmark is used when a check passes that is, no issue was found for rwport particular check. Say you have a number of machines, which you want to see the status of from a OS security perspective, but you are not interested in the various other MS products office, Exchange etc. Each section may require you to take different actions in order to remediate any problems that have been detected.

  ISO 6360-2 PDF

The MBSA scan summary is organized into sections. Potential problems include weak passwords, Automatic Updates that are not turned on, Firewalls that are not turned on, or applications that need to be updated.

It provides various key information about the environment, which can surely be used for something. After you run a MBSA scan, the tool will provide you with specific suggestions for remediating security vulnerabilities.

Help using the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

This script simply gets the list from WSUS and checks whether a report of each machine exists in the report store. The screen shot below displays the window that appears after you click on the Result details link.

Leave all options set to default and click Start Scan. MBSA displays different icons in the report score columns depending upon whether a vulnerability was found on the scanned machine.

Get Missing Updates with Powershell and MBSA

You may see an Internet Explorer — Security Warning window. MBSA will expoet the list of latest security catalogue from Microsoft and begin the scan.

The screen shot below displays the window that appears after you click on the How to correct this link. It is of course possible to execute the MBSAcli. In order to perform a scan you MUST have administrator privileges.

Get Missing Updates with Powershell and MBSA

If any of these items are marked with a red Xthen a How to correct this link will display. It is safe to run or save this file. It is safe to run this file. Use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, which can be found at http: A yellow X is used when repport non-critical check failed for example, an account has a password that does not expire. Scans a computer exoprt insecure configuration settings.


WSUS will show the machines overall status including everything. For the security update checksa red exclamation mark is used when MBSA confirms that a security update is missing or a security check was unable to be performed from the scanned computer. It also contains links expprt provide more detailed information, such as What was scannedResult Details, and How to Correct this. The 2 scripts could be fused into one, but for my purposes, where I need to run script 1 on a regular basis and script 2 on demand, this is the best way.

For the administrative vulnerability checksa red X is used when a critical check failed for example, a user has a blank password. Running updates on your computer will fix these expoet. Once you have reviewed the report and corrected all the vulnerabilities, rerun MBSA to check that there are no more additional vulnerabilities that exist on your system.

The scan will result in an error if these services do not have an exception configured in the Windows Firewall. Click this link to open a page with instructions for correcting the problem.

The MBS Setup window displays. Scan this list for any Red Xs.