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The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D. APPROVED FOR .. The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example.

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An important issue in the design of the stratified, downdraft gasifier is the prevention of fuel bridging and channeling.

FEMA Gasifier

The presence of char and ash serves to protect the grate from excessive temperatures. You can have multiple engines and rebuild kits for less than the cost difference to get to an Imbert. If one removes most of the volatiles from wood essentially making charcoal in the processthen gasifier design is not so critical. The liquid fuels used in gasoline engines are vaporized before they enter the combustion chamber above the pistons.

Section 2 contains detailed step-by-step instructions for constructing your own wood gas generator unit; illustrations and photographs are included to prevent confusion. Detailed, step-by-step procedures are presented in this report for constructing a simplified version of the World War II, Imbert wood gas generator.

It can be built with a minimum of tools.

Therefore, if one desires to fuel an engine over an extended period with biomass, then moving beyond the FEMA design is the wise decision. Solar Dehydrator Plans – Combo Package download. Although I’m still new to working with gasifiers I do have a few feathers under my hat that gave me some basic but solid knowledge on this topic since Plqns acquired some real world “hands on” experience with the construction and the operation of both the Imbert and the FEMA gasifiers plus I’ve read as much as I could on the topic even if some of the technical language was a bit fuzzy to me including watching every video out there I could find.

Due to it’s lower temperature range it is a heavy tar producer. As the charcoal reacts with the combustion gases, it eventually reaches a very low density and breaks up into a dust containing all of the ash as well as a percentage of the original carbon.


The open top permits fuel to be fed more easily gasifidr allows easy access. Photographic documentation of the actual assembly of the unit, as well as its operational field test, is included in this report. However, this report is concerned with the operation of four-cylinder gasoline engines rated from 10 to horsepower. Bridging can be prevented by stirring, shaking, or by agitating the grate or by having it agitated by the vehicle’s movement.

Below this zone is the grate. Fuel gas, produced by the reduction of coal and peat, was used for heating, as early as in Europe, and by it had been woox to fuel engines in England.

The filtering must be good enough to capture the tar to protect the engine from being gummed up. The same chemical laws which govern combustion processes also wpod to gasification.

This simple, stratified, downdraft gasifier unit can be constructed from materials that would be widely available in the United States in a prolonged petroleum crisis.

Personally, I find the videos rather interesting and chose not to marginalize the author’s efforts. Notice the gap between the matchstick and the luminous flame; this gap contains the wood gas which starts burning only when properly mixed with air which contains oxygen. One example welded a restriction plate on the end of the fire tube and supplied air to the fire tube via nozzles, and closed off the hopper so all air entered the system through the nozzles.

FEMA wood gasifier demonstration and DIY specifications (biogas forum at permies)

It should be acknowledged that there are alternate technologies such as methane production or use of alcohol fuels for keeping internal combustion engines in operation during a prolonged petroleum crisis; the wood gasifier unit described in this report represents only one solution to the problem. In the matchstick example above, as the wood was burned and pyrolyzed into charcoal, wood gas was created, but the gas was also consumed by combustion since there was an enormous supply of air in the room.

The use of wood to provide heat is as old as mankind; but by burning the wood we only utilize about one-third of its energy. New Aquaponics Series from Jack Spirko. Smoke and gas vented into the atmosphere while new wood was being loaded; the operator bad to be careful not to breathe the unpleasant gasifierr and toxic fumes.


Such knowledge is not necessary for constructing and operating a wood gasifier.

The cema is urged to use his ingenuity and initiative in constructing his own wood gas generator. In a sense, gasification is a form of incomplete combustion; heat from the burning solid fuel creates gases which are unable to burn completely, due to insufficient amounts of oxygen from the available supply of air.

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I would stop short in calling this particular design as “proven” While it can do reasonably well with very dry fuel of a very regular size, it will make a lot more tar than the Imbert under all conditions. It can be constructed very quickly in the case of an extreme emergency scenario where time is of essence. My line of reasoning is well supported by those with experience, and I encourage all readers to investigate other forums on this topic including driveonwood.

As the wood gas burns, the products of combustion are carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor H2O. After the discovery of large petroleum reserves in Pennsylvania inthe entire world changed to oil – a cheaper and more convenient fuel. Adding additional insulation can further raise temperatures there which is important for tar reduction.

More to the point and my intention, I think it is polite fem give credit to the person in the video who constructed a polished prototype and in my opinion presented the design very clearly. For prolonged idling, a hand-operated shaker has been included in the design. A prototype gasifier unit was fabricated plana these instructions. Except for the technology of producing alternate fuels, such as methane or alcohol, plana only solution for operating existing internal combustion engines, when oil and petroleum products are not available, has been these simple, inexpensive gasifier units.

High-grade biomass fuels such as wood blocks or chips will flow down through the gasifier under the influence of gravity, and downdraft air flow.