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Download FLUKE PM PM PM PM 2X2MV,MHZ OSCILLOSOPE SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Re: Fluke PM manual needed (MHz scope) The service manual for Fluke / Philips PM PM PM PM can be found. PM ). Deflection Manual positioning: Horizontal, Vertical, Both . Web access: com.

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Vluke said that during a measurement, the oscilloscope’s powersupply just bang and a flame came out of the rear panel. Apply a 50 Hz sine wave signal of 8 V pp to input CH1; Use a 50Q termination. Page The trigger sensitivity depends on the amplitude and frequency of the trigger signal.

Use a termination. Page The oscilloscope must be capable of displaying signal amplitudes that are larger than the screen.

Oscilloscope Fluke PM powersupply problem?

There are really no sign of flames anywhere. Remove all superfluous soldering material. The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT.

Check that the leads of the replacement part are clean and pre-tinned on the soldering places. Neither the Auctioneers nor the Vendor shall be liable to account to the Buyer in the event of a re-sale at a higher price than the price contracted to be paid by the Buyer. Refer to chapter 8. Severability In the event that any provisions of these conditions shall be held unenforceable for any reason, the remaining conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

After this, the scope was left for several years Impaired Safety-protection Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Bidders are strongly advised to read them carefully. All approved bidders will automatically have their details placed on our database for notification of futures sales undertaken by ES Group Ltd only.

Due to the Data Protection Act, all software and data will be removed from computers prior to selling. There is a certain instability in the starting point, the so called jitter, of the DTB.


Oscilloscope Fluke PM3082 powersupply problem?

A NTC inruch limiter measures 15ohm, correct according to the text on it, primary switch transistor ok, mains rectifier diodes ok all of them Notices Any notices or other communications shall be in writing and, if sent by post, shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee on the second working day after posting or, if the addressee is outside the United Kingdom, on the fifth working day after positing.

Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Overseas purchasers must, on acceptance of mznual, advise of their intentions to export their good immediately and notify our Sales Co-ordinator, Elaine Allan [ elaine.

Adjust the input signal to an amplitude of exactly 6 divisions. Bidding for any lot shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these pm308 and any conditions in the Notices to Purchasers. Page DC coupled mode. If there is any inconsistency between any of these conditions and anything fluie the Amnual to Purchasers, then those in the Notices to Purchasers shall prevail.

That short may have blown open during the event, typically a copper track vaporises or a semi blows open. No lot shall be removed without the authority of the Auctioneer and unless under the supervision of the Auctioneer’s servants or agents.

In the signal name list you find the itemnumber of the component that is source or destination. The value of this shift is measured here. After repair and maintenance in the primary circuit, safety inspection and tests, as mentioned in We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search.

Over and under-voltage protection To protect the oscilloscope circuitry against over-voltage and the supply circuits against overload, the power supply is provided with a protection circuit.

Item Ordering code Description Earth contact Front frame CRT frontrubber Light conductor This gives a time-linear voltage across the capacitor; the so- called sawtooth or sweep signal. Here, the accuracy of this range is checked. ES Group Ltd reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any bidder should they be unable to satisfy ES Group Ltd on any of the above.


In Red7Marine – Sale 2. The purchaser should ensure that their contractors hold sufficient public liability insurance, copies of which should be made available to Lambert Smith Hampton if demanded. PmPmPm Please check your email account for more details.

You mention that you checked the “switch”. On the power supply unit there are many parts that carry dangerous high voltages. This diagram shows the Y-output amplifier. What I was thinking about, was if he in some way measured on mains live net for some reason. Just primary shorts has the power to do this, in my opinion based on hundreds of smps repairs.

Like if he forgot to use the isolation transformer. It controls all oscilloscope functions and receives input signals from pm30882 following sources: In circumstances where the Auctioneers have so agreed, the Buyer and the third party will jointly and severally be liable for all obligations arising from the bid where a third party shall be bound by these conditions by the individual bidding as his agent in the same way as if he were bidding personally.

Turn on the oscilloscope under test. All circuit boards removed from the instrument must be adequately protected against damage, and all normal precautions regarding the use of tools must be observed.

If working on the unit under live condition cannot be avoided, it must be done by a qualified technician who is aware of the dangers involved. Price The price payable by the Buiyer for the purchase of the lots fuke shall be the sale price, being the highest bid and accepted by the Auctioneer in accordance with conditionplus the buyers premium and any other associated costs if any and VAT applicable at the prevailing rate.