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Dez. Description, Wir wollen mit euch Flunkyball spielen /. We want to Bei Neulingen achten wir nicht allzu hart auf die Einhaltung der Regeln. Dez. Description, Freundliches Flunkyballmatch nach bremer Regeln: https://www. #Bremen. Spielbier: 0,33 Stubbi-Flaschen. FLUNKY BALL

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These groups are always making a ruckus and putting forth a huge effort, whether it be sprinting or drinking.

After some asking around, I found out what this mysterious game is: Flunkyball is a popular German drinking game placing two teams against each other on opposite sides of a small field. Saturday afternoon, an opportunity to participate finally presented itself and it sure lived up to expectations.

Was ist Flunkyball? by Tim Dhaus on Prezi

Line up according to the diagram below. We used a small potato as the projectile, but it can be anything dense, round, and baseball-sized.


This time, we utilized an empty beer bottle as the target, but once again, it can be anything that withstands light winds and will fall when hit. Our target was not ideal, as the glass could break. Plastic bottles filled a bit with water are a much better alternative.

A player from Team 1 will throw the projectile at the target. If the projectile misses the target, team 2 will throw.


If Team 2 hits the target and it falls, every player on the Team 2 begins to drink their beers. The players regekn the opposing Team 1 run out, set the target back upright, grab the projectile, and return to their line up. Once an entire team has finished their beers, they are declared the winning team.

You must finish all your beers for your team to fluunkyball declared the winner. Get Started with Flunkyball Objective: Divide into two teams. Each individual possesses a full beer. Penalty Beers — You must set your beer down carefully.


And this, my friends, is how it goes: Have you ever played Flunkyball? What are your favorite games? Photos from other sources are linked back to the original source by clicking on the image itself. Please contact me before using any original photos or content.


Flunkyball I – 31C3_Public_Wiki

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