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Using the OCR feature allows you to either create searchable PDFs, or convert your scanned documents into editable Microsoft Word, Excel. Digitizing your paperwork so that it is organized and secure is easy to do with the ScanSnap. But as that digital archive grows, how do you find. How to Convert Scanned PDF Files To Searchable Documents with ScanSnap Organizer So how do you create searchable PDF files with ScanSnap after your Automated Document Collection with Hubdoc & Fujitsu ScanSnap Select one, ScanSnap iX · ScanSnap SV · ScanSnap iX

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Going Paperless: The Joy Of Fujitsu ScanSnap iX Scanners | Bruceb News

I got my Scansnap this week and my goal is to have my documents stored on Onedrive, too. By now you are probably wondering how you set up and configure all these ScanSnap Cloud features. When this happens, there is a segment of the customer base with older ScanSnap models that gets quite upset that their model doesn’t support the new feature.

I bugged them to give me a bit seadchable information.

Creating Searchable PDF Files

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Pretty simple, but you can take things a bit further. In an earlier article I showed a scanned letter from Ethical Coffee Company. ScanSnap Cloud Expensify Scanned From there in Expensify you can create and submit expense reports, export to Quickbooks, and do all sorts of other expense-y things.

Thanks for stopping by. When Fujitsu first released sdansnap iX, they kept going on about the “GI chip” that they added.


Some of the simplicity comes from new functions in the scanner and Fujitsu software. In that case, disable it in the following procedure. The ScanSnap folks wisely did not try to run their own server infrastructure.

Color mode Image quality It may take extra time to perform text recognition on the zcansnap documents: I have to admit that I didn’t really see the big deal at the time, but now I am coming around — it lets fhjitsu do things like add this feature to existing models without needing to release a whole new scanner. That way it will separate the documents into different PDFs. I can only chose which folders to sync in Onedrive Settings but all folders that are not synced are not visible, too, and can only be accessed when i am logged into the web interface.

ScanSnap Cloud Signup You’ll then plug in your ScanSnap to your computer and it will need to update the firmware to be able to do the new magic cloud uploading. I like it, but I’m curious about your thoughts. Do not move, delete, or rename scanned images using other applications while the Quick Menu is displayed.

ScanSnap Cloud Kal-Tire Bill So, this automatic file naming is an interesting feature and one I hope they improve over time, but it’s not something you want to rely on unless you have very commonly-structured documents.

Is this a feature that anyone needs? Hopefully they do add extra encryption-at-rest in the future. Previous Page Next Page. searchablf

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Operator’s Manual: Creating Searchable Pdf Files

I will configure it to scan to different services depending on the type of document. We need integration with Google Drive File Stream. As you will see in a future blog post, you can access the documents you’ve scanned using the ScanSnap Cloud app and do some simple manipulation, but I am told that the service will only hold onto scans for 2 weeks.


Fujitsu warns that OCR might slow things down but everything has been lightning quick in my experience, with a barely perceptible delay for OCR.

Creating Searchable PDF Files

You can check the number of pages that can still be created in [Account] in the [Settings] screen. By default, after you push the blue button and the ScanSnap scans a document, a Quick Menu appears onscreen to decide what happens to the scan — a button click to save the file, attach it to an email, print it, send it to Dropbox, or a number of other choices.

Causes and solutions for an image that is scanned not being converted into a searchable PDF file when the ScanSnap Cloud service is used are explained below.

Earlier in this article I did a bit of foreshadowing for an interesting new feature of ScanSnap Cloud: It will not show up in Online Update. The modern world confuses me. Kevin – July 10, Reply. Since DocumentSnap readers are a smart bunch, I knew you wouldn’t go for “it’s secure, we promise! You can find Brooks on Twitter at documentsnap or brooksduncan. Chris – July 3, Reply.

When I scanned a business card, it appeared in my Cards notebook that I selected within a few seconds. I knew that from its reputation but I had never owned one. Selecting Operations from the Quick Menu.