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This is revised list of families that are or have been part of the Clan of Ostojabased on many years of research and the most accurate as we know of today. Although there are some questions to be solved regarding the relationship between families, we can present list of families and relation between them.

In most cases, even if families are not blood related to each other, they are still closely connected to each other and form a Clan. Since medieval time all families, blood connected or not, have been closest galatkyczna and friends that depended on each other in many hundred years.

Unity of those families, common policy regarding education and solidarity made the Clan of Ostoja superior in late medieval time. The list does not contain many names that can be found in work of Sir Tadeusz GajlPolish Armorial.

Latest published Armorial of Sir Gajl is almost galactic work and internet version contains also It is the most interesting fodzina to be used for further research and verification as it contains names taken from almost all available sources. However, the list of Gajl does not verify family to be of Ostoja origin, it is not a scientific work, it is rozina a list of names that was linked with Ostoja in many document.

Spis rodzin Ostoi przedstawiony na tej stronie jest rezultatem kilkuletniej pracy. There are in total lines that are verified and included to the Clan of Ostoja. Of them are of ancient origin west side and 23 of them are of ancient origin east side.

In the work of Dziadulewicz there are few other families that are also linked to Ostoja, although not veryfied. Those are Barankiewicz not. Families listed below in this section are of ancient origin, they are either part of ruling family of Moscic-Stibors or joined the Clan very early, in some cases possibly already around year or even earlier.

Balaktyczna families settled down and lived very close to each other, forming groups in order to be able to rodzinna if needed. They are also in some cases blood related to each other. Gaalaktyczna all land possessions where situated very close to each other forming small islands of properties and different lines of the Clan – read more.


List of the lines of the Lords of Ostoja, lines and of them 58 extinct: Families that joined the Clan of Ostoja, families are of ancient origin. Most of those families are of Russian origin.

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Alltogether 23 families, Lords of Lithuania. Families listed below are part of the Clan of Ostoja, however there are no sources regarding their origin before year In many cases, those families took their names after rodzna they owned but there is no information what name they used before they settled down in such property. Some of those families could have very old roots and be of old line of the Clan. Extinct lines of the Clan of Ostoja.

Those lines origin from ancient families and Lords. List of 29 families that are according to some sources from around 19th century part of the Clan of Ostoja. Some of those families could be part of the Clan although there are no earlier records of that. Families are listed in publications of Boniecki, Uruski, Niesiecki or Dziadulewicz and are subject of further research.

Mängufiguurid – Lapsed – Digizone

Below list of 79 families that are in most not listed in publications of Boniecki, Uruski or Niesiecki, families are linked to the Clan of Ostoja by some documents found in different archives and that in most cases are not reliable or verified. Those families are listed in the publication of Gajl and in most cases by Znamierowski or are listed by Lyczkowski in “Herbarz szlachty Bialoruskiej, ed ” but cannot be taken into consideration without further examination.

Some of families listed below are part of this list simply because their CoA is listed as Ostoja with modification odmiana herbu Ostoja. This list is linking families together according to the sources. The Ostoja Clan DNA project help to understand and prove which families are galaktgczna related with each other and which joined the Clan in medieval time between year and Curing standing according to written sources and DNA tests. Since the DNA project is developing, there might be small changes in time when rrodzina families.

Not counting Lithuanian families since their origin is not certain at the moment as we don’t know when families joined the Clan or where adopted to the Clan or if there is any blood connection with other Ostoja families. The number of lines and families is based on current research. We can presume that number of families is at least half of those presented, this since many gaoaktyczna that are extinct should show some blood connection with other Ostoja lines, also families that are not extinct should in rodzia future show some blood relation to other lines galaktycznq here the DNA project is clearly rodzija.


The number of families is representing lines of Ostoja.

Spis rodzin Ostoi

We can therefore presume that there where no more than about 50 families that originally joined the Clan. Adding Lithuanian side with old medieval families, the number should be no bigger than 70 families alltogehter.

This group hold ancient families of east-slavic origin. Since many of those families live in same area since medieval time, the DNA project will show if there are any relation between those families as well as relation to families that lived in Poland.

It is presumed that some of those families moved early together with Jakusz de Blociszewo and some joined later from the area of Sandomierz and Malopolska.

What shall we call new Coat of arms that have too moons in the shield? Ostoja is the answer Families that in most publications families belong to the Clan of Ostoja with modified Ostoja coat of arms are in most not members of the Clan.

The coat of arms that are named modified Ostoja coat of arms are not Ostoja Coat of arms.

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The reason of that is grouping polish coat of arms that looked similar. Historians of XVIII-XX century called a coat of arms modified Ostoja sometimes just because there where two moons in the shield or sometimes just because galaaktyczna wished to give the coat of arms a name.

This kind of procedure origin from traditional Clan heraldry where a group of knights of the Clan used same coat of arms and it was logical during medieval time and when Clan politics made sense. Therefore, almost every new coat of arms was given a name adding that it is modified and it become standard procedure during XVIII-XX century.

More information about modified Ostoja coat of arms is situated in the section of heraldry. Ostoja do Rodu Ostoja. This list does not include russian families that received coat of arms that is similar to modern version of Ostoja during the time of partition. Przestrzenie nazw Strona Dyskusja.