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Editorial Reviews. Review. Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan’s short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines (mostly. Axiomatic is a wonderful collection of eighteen short stories by Hugo Award– winning author Greg Egan. The stories in this collection have. Axiomatic is a collection of science fiction short stories by Greg Egan. Most science fiction fans these days would agree what when it comes to.

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Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. There was really cool stuff in there, and I like how he works off similar themes such as the jewel repeatedly, but some stories felt too close thematically or in the way they were structured. Really enjoyed it though! Egan is sometimes accused of producing stories with lots of neat ideas but bland, forgettable characters — the same criticism leveled at science fiction as a whole before the New Wave. I liked the idea of an assassin personality existing across several, possibly infinite set of, worlds and always assigned to kill dangerous dreamers.

It is discovered that information can be sent back in time. Most people keep a diary, limited to words a day, which is broadcast backwards in time upon your death. The machines that make this possible are, given their effect, ironically called Hazzard Machines. Can you ever have too much knowledge and the question of personal identity.

This story shows the interplay between the two notions. In a world of seeming predestination, how do you live with that? Some, like the narrator, lie to their diary or write it in innuendo only obvious after crucial events have happened. For his part, the narrator thinks the Hazzard Machines provide him greater freedom, that he and his actions are shaped by the past and the future.

Politics has become an odd pantomime with a pre-ordained outcome. The future utopian lies cover current genocides, and, in an ambiguous ending, the narrator still thinks who he is determines the future, but that identity is shaped by social manipulation and the times and personality manipulates the time. Thus, after coasting in a world of seeming pre-destination, the narrator realizes what most mature people do: That holds true whether we know the future or not.

Geneticist and fertility expert Sam Cook sells a lottery winning couple on trying out and paying for the most advanced suite of possible techniques for creating a genius. A witty denouement of the story takes this notion to a surprising, but logical notion. As the simulated personality says, why exist when he can achieve so much without existing.

He cheats death through the strange mechanism of implanting slices of his brain into a clone.

axiomatix He manipulates both genes and emotions to egzn a strange painting called The Caress by Fernand Khnoff a real painting. Both come down with one of the suite of Monte Carlo viruses biowarfare viruses created via applied evolutionary techniques and then accidentally released that preys on their genotype. Both are given medicine, but one is not told she has been given a worthless placebo while the other gets a cure.

Egan seems understandably upset at the ethics of denying probable lifesaving experiment to people in the name of doubleblind tests. This is a real issue medicine has started to deal grge. Hardly a new notion. He opposes capital punishment. I liked the various wives, siblings, and parents he had being sort of comfortable manifestations of an archetype to him. That son, now institutionalized, may be the narrator whose consciousness aixomatic from brain axiomativ brain in a sort of timeshare scheme.


His new perspective literally on life lends to a new, more generous moral zxiomatic — though it seems less based on generosity than the aesthetics of the narrator watching himself be generous. Nor is the idea that they can provide some sort of immortality via simply encoding the information greeg a personality into another matrix. Egan uses the idea here, though, in a new and witty way and to explore questions of intimacy and philosophy in ways that reminded me a bit of George R. The call is soon revealed to be a hoax.

To the narrator, though, her looks and, more importantly, her personality on the fake call and utterly convincing. And they continue to be convincing through several more calls. The narrator and his wife, who refuses to be scanned — she takes the view that a second copy is just a copy, discuss the philosophical implications of scanned copies and the kidnapping.

The narrator takes the view that all we possess of our loved ones, be it memories or scanned reconstructions, are imitations. Many sf stories treat this whole issue cavalierly such as Clifford D. Egan offers no final answer it would be very hard to. The unjeweled form social clubs. Some form paramilitary groups fighting, as they see it, body snatchers. This would render the resulting organism completely invulnerable gregg infection diseases.

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In Distress this was undertaken by rich survivalists who planned on surviving the post-holocaust world by eating grass and old tires. Here the notion may be put to use by a cabal of wealthy elite only able to breed with each other to sustain the genetic difference. Here, though, the dialogue takes between a hitman and his intended victim. The hitman has the peculiar notion that he will live on and he strenuously denies the validity of reincarnation if his victim accepts, with the aid of a nano brain implant, his philosophy of life grafted on his brain.

The narrator victim accepts, and the hitman kills himself. Cuties are derivatives of human stock but genetically engineered to not develop higher brain functions and to die at age four. Legally, they are not human. Essentially it is a metaphor of life realized with a confusingly detailed spacetime anomaly that randomly more or less sweeps down to trap people in a zone where they can only move forward with darkness to escape.

The narrator rescues people from these events and explicitly sees the inability to retreat and the darkness of the future as symbolizing our journey through life. This strains her relationship when he is finally rebuilt. She feels resentful at the convenience and this is not handled very clearly has tanged emotions about the brain being a sort of child rather than her husband.

Axiomatic (Greg Egan) – book review

Both stories feature the Ndoli Device efan records personality and memory, but this story seems to be set further in the future of that particular universe. Here the male narrator constantly asks greater intimacy with his female lover. At first, they use the Ndoli Device recordings of their personalities to inhabit various body permutations male-female, female-male, female-female, male-male to gain different perspectives on the sexual part of their relationship.


Ggeg also undergo an experimental procedure which brings their minds into synch. Eventually the couple splits. The narrator discovers that too much intimacy is possible.

While he wanted grev now his lover better, she was attracted to him for his alieness and mystery. Using the language of chaos theory, he postulates a social collapse when people in different geographical attraction basins adopt various religious and political ideologies. His narrator and friends have not settled in any basin and carefully navigate the terrain in order not to be sucked into any basins.

However, it is speculated these wanderers may simply have a complex orbit about another attractor or they may be able to escape the are all together. Most of his stories explore really compelling ideas. I highly recommend because he wields his intensity well so you don’t get depressed, but rather excited about his stories. The Infinite Assassin [short story] by Greg Egan. Blood Sisters [short story] by Greg Egan. A Kidnapping [short story] by Greg Rgan. Into Darkness [novelette] axuomatic Greg Egan.

The Moral Virologist [short story] by Greg Egan.

Appropriate Love [short story] by Greg Egan. This collection of short stories ranges from bio-engineering to the wilder shores of physics and from cyberpunk to the grev frontier. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Axiomatic by Greg Egan Other authors: See the other authors section. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 16 17, 4. Add to Your books. Recently added by ChrisH90goxadkaalpha. Osobnosti zanru doporucuji No current Talk conversations about this book. This collection really showcases Greg Egan at his best. Hard to rate collections of stories. This is a collection of short sci-fi stories that I really love.

My reaction to axiomattic this collection in Greg Egan’s short stories are both deeply grim and great escapism. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Ignotus Axiomafic Anthology, One thing never changes: Information from adiomatic French Common Knowledge.

Edit to localize it to your language. References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None.

Axiomatic by Greg Egan

Like most of Egan’s work, the stories focus on science and ideas, sometimes at the expense of the writing. But although Egan may lack a certain stylistic flare, he more than makes up for it with his wonderful visions of the future. Some of the more interesting stories include “Into Darkness,” the tale of a rescue worker whose territory is a runaway wormhole, and the title story “Axiomatic,” which is about a man looking to find meaning in the senseless death of his wife.

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