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For comparison, there were 14 Greyhawk-specific deities when the setting The art snippets came from my own Greyhawk webcomic that ran. There is a bug in the domain lists for the deities presented in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer–some deities don’t have the alignment domains listed for all. Boccob was first detailed for the Dungeons & Dragons game in “The Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk” by Gary Gygax in Dragon.

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Lydia interacts deitiies many other deities, exchanging songs and information. Some regard the later form as a likely cause of rumors of the existence of a Suloise snake-cult.

She also represents the forgiveness of wrongs. Cyndor is also served by temporal dogs, time dimensionals, and more exotic beings. The other major fantasy author of this era was William Morris, lord Dunsany established the genres popularity in both the novel and the short story form. Honor, glory, wealth, and love are all meaningless in the face of this crusade.

She urges contentment in hard labor, and compares her followers to insects in xeities hive. He deiities often called the Laughing Rogue. He considers even the most hateful gods to be his friends, believing that with his encouragement they might change their ways. From the second egg hatched Damaran, god of vermin, and from the third egg hatched Berna, the goddess of hatred and vengeance.

List of Greyhawk deities

They thwart tyrants, seek information on renowned evil-doers, and humble the overly-prideful and ambitious. For instance, the city of Dyvers he placed in the area of real-world Milwaukee. His long curved sword, of elven make, is known as Faruk. His symbol is a rounded hourglass set on its side, much like the symbol for infinity. Grehawk makes the creator of the undead ancient as well, painting Kyuss as once having been a high priest in Sulm.


His skin is wrinkled and weathered, but his green eyes sparkle with life. He is the possessor of the only magical library that contains a copy of every potion, spell, and magic item in existence.

Greyhawkery: 5th Edition D&D: Greyhawk Deities

In her mortal life, Daern was responsible for the construction of a number of famous fortifications, including Castle Blazebane in Almor and Tarthax near Rel Deven. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Obad-Hai is one of the most ancient known gods and is often called the Shalm.

He considers himself superior to other deities, especially his children. The priesthood favors the shortspear.

Any who meet his eyes are stricken by nightmares, and he carries a staff that causes seeping wounds and withers flesh. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. The Great God of the North also speaks of a “Great Winter” which will cover the land, allowing the northern barbarians to inherit the Oerth.

Druids of the Old Faith may not destroy woodlands or crops, though they may work to change the nature of these things if they feel it is worth the effort to do so. Fortubo is the god of Stone, Metals, Mountains, and Guardianship. Tsolorandril was created by Niel Brandt, though it was originally little more than a name and portfolio associated with Elayne Mystica.

Stoner rock band Kyussoriginally named as Sons of Kyuss, took their name from the character. Her holy symbol is a spray of colors from an open hand. He wields a mighty battleaxe called Winter’s Bitemade completely of ice. Laterhe would add two ranks below demi-god: The head of an Egyptian goddess. Though rather popular among the Suel barbarians of the Thillonrian PeninsulaVatun was not worshipped by the Suloise Imperium and is not generally considered part of the Suel pantheon.


Its symbol is a coiled dragon.

Empyrea sits on the edge of a cold, clear mountain lake on Mount Celestia’s fifth layer, Mertion. Gendwar preaches nothing less than utter destruction of the enemies of the dwarven race. It is said that the two followed similar but differing paths.

Greyhawk Deities – Master List

With the recent fall of the Great Kingdom deties, this prophecy came greyhawm. A prime example is the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, which first became known through a series of Dragon articles in the s by its creator Ed Greenwood and it subsequently went on to become one of the primary campaign worlds for official Dungeons and Dragons products, starting in She gained her nickname “the Lucky Ghost” from her ability to leave her body to scout ahead in spirit-form.

Drunk with power, he knew he could never bring himself to take it off, so he fled to the mortal realm, where he began carving a kingdom out for himself. When she was newly hatched, Vara visited her grandmother Breeka ‘s troubled sleep, and wracked her with nightmares.

Known as the Bonemaster, the Wormgod, the Worm that Walks and the Deitkes of the Age of Wormshis symbol is a skull erupting with writhing green worms.

He is depicted as a laughing Touv man carrying a great shield and a cluster of saplings. Gygax, with tongue in cheek, created two gods Pholtus and Saint Cuthbert [20].