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Portuguese, Hematoma intracraniano epidural, Hematoma epidural, Hematoma epidural intracraniano, Hemorragia epidural, Hematoma extradural, Hematoma. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘hemorragia extradural’. Trauma to be brain can be associated with both epidural and subdural hematomas, among other injuries. Epidural bleeding occurs between.

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Young patients being affected is not only a result of the prevalent demographics of patients with a head injury but also relates to the changes that occur in the dura in older patients, as the dura is much more adherent to the inner surface of the skull. Almost always venous due to tearing of subdural extradurl bridging veins which extend to the dural sinuses.

EDH crossing the suture line.

Crescent-shaped, concave hyperdensity that does not cross the midline. Epidural hematomas may occur in combination with subdural hematomas, or either may occur alone. Carotid artery stenosis cerebral: Epidural hematoma Synonyms Extradural hematoma, epidural hemorrhage, epidural haematoma, epidural bleeding Epidural hematoma as seen on CT scan with overlying skull fracture. Also some brain contusion with bleeding on the opposite side of the brain.

Retrieved 8 October Hemorragia images produced by CT scans and MRIsepidural hematomas usually appear convex in shape because their expansion stops at the skull’s sutureshhemorragia the dura mater is tightly attached to the skull. Over the next few hours they gradually lose consciousness.

Epidural hematoma – Wikipedia

In almost all cases, extradural hematomas are seen on CT scans of the brain. Prognosis, even with a relatively large hematoma, is in general quite good, as long as the clot is evacuated promptly. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: In TBI patients with epidural hematomas, prognosis is better if there was a lucid interval a period of consciousness before coma returns than if the patient was comatose from the time of injury. Case 13 Case Fracture occurs most commonly in the region of the temporal bone.


If transfer to a facility with neurosurgery is prolonged trephination may be performed in the emergency department.

Injury or Poisoning T Clinicopathologic Foundations of Medicine. MRI can clearly demonstrate the displaced dura that extradursl as a hypointense line on T1 and T2 sequences which is helpful in distinguishing it from a subdural hematoma.

Epidural bleeds can become large and raise intracranial pressurecausing the brain to shift, lose blood supply, or be crushed against the skull. Retrieved on February 6, Although he never lost consciousness and walked off the field, McCarthy suffered an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture in the accident.

Hemorragia Extradural by guido pulido on Prezi

In the 14th round Mancini hit Kim with a hard right and bounced Kim off the ropes. Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon. His death certificate states that the cause of death was “blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma”.

Started inthis collection now contains interlinked topic pages divided into a tree of 31 specialty books and chapters.

Intracranial venous extradural hemorrhages and spinal epidural hemorrhages are discussed separately. Head Injury, 4th Ed. Epidural bleeding occurs between the skull and dura; whereas subdural bleeding occurs between the dura and arachnoid.

He was playing real, or court, tennis “when he was struck by a ball a little above the right ear. Ematoma extraduraleEmatoma epiduraleEmatoma extradurale cranicoEmorragia epidurale cranicaEmorragia extradurale cranicaEmatoma epidurale intracranicoEmorragia epiduraleEmatoma epidurale cranico. Extradural hemorrhages can, however, cross and elevate venous sinuses as hemorrsgia as there is no suture there; after all a venous sinus is located between the parietal and visceral layer of the dura.


Black eye Eye injury Corneal abrasion. Concepts for emergency care”. Head trauma causes rupture of the bridging veins. Treatment is generally by urgent surgery in the form of a craniotomy or burr hole.

Intracranial hemorrhage into the epidural space. Case 12 Case Following the injury they regain a normal level of consciousness lucid intervalbut usually have an ongoing and often severe headache.

Epidural hematoma

Occasionally, an EDH can form due to venous blood, typically a torn sinus with an associated fracture: Extradural hematoma EDHalso known as an epidural hematomais a collection of blood that forms between the inner surface of the skull and outer layer of the durawhich is called the endosteal layer.

They are usually associated with a history of head trauma and frequently associated skull fracture. The grey area in the top left is organizing hematoma, causing midline shift and compression of the ventricle. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Retrieved January 3, Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads.

Note the biconvex shape hemorrhage. Specialty Neurosurgeryemergency medicine Symptoms Headache, confusion, paralysis [1] Usual onset Rapid [2] Causes Head injurybleeding disorderblood vessel malformation hemordagia Diagnostic method Medical imaging CT scan [1] Differential diagnosis Subdural hematomasubarachnoid hemorrhage hemorragai, traumatic brain injury [1] Treatment Surgery craniotomyburr hole [1] Epidural hematoma is when bleeding occurs between the tough outer membrane covering the brain dura materand the skull.