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HP 8552B PDF

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Return these controls to. Schematics 3, 4, 5. Pro- ceed to test Perform Step 4 for each of the Filter stages in turn, as indicated: Racal MHz signal generator – heaved out of a skip. Crystal Filter Fine Adjustment. Arrived in working order.

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If correct readings are obtained, proceed to step Q. With the Log-Linear Mode Switch in the LINEAR position, the blue number under any illuminated index lamp indicates the per division multiplier for calibrated voltage amplitude, provided the vernier is set to blue 1. Bandwidth Accuracy cont’d 6.

Include your e-mail address; I need that because you can’t attach files to PMs. Unsolder yellow wire at B XA5 pin 3 and connect power supply positive lead to XA5 pin 3 connect negative lead to chassis ground.


Check Ul, Q13, Ql, U2 and associated circuitry.

The tests are arranged in the following order; Para. General Service Information Model B Figure The compensation amplifier is feedback controlled and has a basic gain of four.

Spectrum Analyzer System 141T / 8552B / 8554B

These are available for free download below. This section covers instru- ment identification, description, accessories, speci- fications and other basic information.

Check and Adjustment Test Record cont’d Para. A12R14 4 Adjusts search loop gain: The CRT display is calibrated in terms of power dBm.

Hp-8552b Spectrum Analyzer If Section

Calibrator Output Complimentary copies of the supplement are available from Hewlett-Packard. Check kHz bandwidth, paragraph The second provides circuit anal- ysis and test procedures to aid in isolating faults to a defective component.

In addition to change information, the sup- plement may contain information for correcting errors in the manual. To adapt this manual to your instrument, re- fer to Table and make all of the manual changes listed opposite your instrument serial number.

If necessary, repeat adjustment procedure. After the cause of a malfunction has been located and remedied in any circuit containing adjustable components, the applicable procedure specified in the Performance and Adjustment Sec- tion should be performed, Then repeat steps 4 through 6, 7. Refer to Service Sheet 15 and check the gp trigger circuits.


Yes the list is not complete, and yes it would be nicer to have them as nice ring bound books, but the. A7R25 852bR: Illustrated parts breakdown, if appro- priate. The A can be used with its own tracking generator over the range 20Hz to kHz. For wide spectrum analysis, the operator can use the preset scan of the RF Section used, or for ph more detailed study, the spectrum width can be progressively narrowed.

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The level of the 44 MHz signal in step 5 should be at least 70 dB h the level in step 2. IF Section Display Adjustments. Do not sweep the analy- zer any faster than it would be swept by an internal scan with the control settings selected.