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Path of Muhammad: A Book on Islamic Morals and Ethics (Spiritual Classics). 1 Mar by Imam Birgivi and Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi Al-Halveti. AN INDEPENDENT SCHOLAR: İMAM BİRGİVİ. June 18, HAKAN ARSLANBENZER. Being independent is one of the most important behaviors related to. Having lived in the 16th century, Imam Birgivi was a respected mudarris and religious scholar, who was a fearless fighter, defending his ideas.

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Independent scholars and birgifi had paid the price for their behavior time to time. Powerful people usually see themselves smarter than everyone and think that reality and requirements of power are same. Therefore, they want everyone else to lmam what they think is true with no respect of what scholars, philosophers, or artists have to say about it. This situation makes the union of power and wisdom a tough one. It is not always the case, of course. The states that feel secure have respected independent scholars.

During the times that bkrgivi state had been in trouble, independent scholars had some trouble, too; ingratiation had turned into a temporary behavior. His father Pir Ali used to be a professor and a member of an Islamic order.

Imam Birgivi: Life and Work

He must have birgivj this trait from his family. Birgivi received his first training from his father. He memorized the Quran. He took lessons of Arabic language and logic.


Now, this is interesting. What was the problem? Government officials or inheritance law… Maybe both… Nonetheless, there was something bothering him there.

He was inculcating people at mosques with being good Muslims who follow the rules of the Quran and Sunna. His diagnosis was that the society was suffering from a disease. The master wanted to observe this disease and find a cure.

A scholar who never bowed to anyone: Imam Birgivi – Daily Sabah

Birgivi who was a passionate speaker and a powerful scholar was literally independent. Moreover, he was in disagreement with Ebussuud Efendi about endowments.

As Ebussuud allowed donating funds instead of property, Birgivi wrote a book about why it was unacceptable. It is very unfortunate that the book, which was written in Arabic, is not translated to Turkish. Birgivi seems to reject donations of funds for two reasons.



First, it is against the Islamic traditions. Second, funds are open to interest and speculations unlike properties. It would be fair to say that following this incident Birgivi devoted himself to madrasah, but before he looked to dervish monastery.

Supporters of Sufism like to show him as a member of dervish monastery. In fact, both parties are not completely right. Birgivi was not strictly against Sufism; however, he was definitely not a typical dervish or a member of dervish monastery. He found a middle way. He was a professor at Birgi Madrasah that had been built recently. This place became a gathering place for him; at the end, he took his name from it.


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He gave lectures at his madrasah until the end of his days; as he raised his students, he called people to honesty. His independency also relied on him not being an opportunist. He could be as birivi as to tell Ataullah Efendi, the mentor of Sultan II Selim, that his name was involved in corruption and he must find the right way. Birgivi and bkrgivi behavior were treated in different ways by the 20 th century authors.

Mehmet Ali Ayni praises Birgivi as an example of both wisdom and insight; some Turkish historians who write the Ottoman history in foreign languages attribute him as a reactionary. I guess this is the question: Was Imam Birgivi a reactionary or a genius who could foresee the forthcoming disaster?

My personal opinion is close to the latter. Imam Birgivi appeared at the moral breaking point of the Ottoman Islamic state, being a model of high moral values of Islam with both his character and his works.

His high moral behavior must be why he has been remembered for ages and has been seen as a bifgivi although it is contradictory. About Us Copyright Page Contact.