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The SAP BW InfoSource is a concept which used to be mandatory in a 3.x dataflow. It is a view that had to be created between the DataSource and InfoProvider. In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual DataSource fields are assigned to the corresponding InfoObject of the InfoSource. Here you. SAP BW Data Flow – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of BI Objects − InfoSource, DataStore objects, InfoCube, InfoObjects, and.

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Awesome post This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. Jack Adison 14 May at It prepares consolidated data for updating to the data targets.

The database design in Figure reflects this idea,and the following procedure shows how to implement it. The same transformation is created automatically for each source system in the production system. This is primarily used for SEM applications.

Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? The data is transferred 1: Survey Most Productive year for Staffing: The uploaded data is transformed using transfer rules.

Under the Transfer rules tab,the simple one-to-one mappings appear in the left b Communication str. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: These Virtual providers can be defined as InfoProviders where infosoource data is not stored in the object.


There is one transformation between the DataSource and the InfoSource and one transformation between the InfoSource and the target.

SAP BW – Data Flow

Your infosourcee is very informative, thanks for posting it Very good explanation about role of BI, with clear structure, explanation and informal language. You havemade some very astute statements and I appreciate the the effort you have put into your writing.

Riya karakoti infosoufce July at This is usefull for many people who are reading it. The first option, InfoObject,is the default—the simple one-to-one mapping. Click to activate all transfer rules. In SAP BI, you determine which data source fields are required for decision making and should be transferred.

You can connect sources and targets that are independent of this transformation. You can define the virtual provider by copying objects. An InfoSource combines quantity of information that logically belongs together, wap into a single unit. However, if you want to connect multiple DataSources with the same structure to the target, this can result in additional maintenance effort for the transformation, since you need to create a similar transformation for each DataSource.


In the transformation process, fields are determined for InfoObjects and their values.

SAP BW Data Flow

Same extractors are used to select data in a source system as you use to replicate data into the BI system. Checking Data Quality Summary. Thanks for the great information, was looking for this information from long.

Posted by Sandeep at When you want inn load the related data inffosource different datasources to the data targetsInfosource comes into picture. InfoSources with direct updating permit master data to be written directly without update rules into the master data tables.

SAP BW InfoSource

Checking Loaded Characteristic Data. Transformation is created between a source and a target system. These keys are used to aggregate the data records during the transformation.

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Unknown 31 August at Thanks for Information IT online training. The statement should appear as shown on line