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Final Internship Report on Ptcl – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Preface. This report is all about the 6 week summer internship offered by Pakistan. Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL at Central Exchange Hyderabad. This document presents an internship report at PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunications limited). A brief history and information of the organization is also included.

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If at any stage it is found that the information provided by the employee was incorrect, the services of such employees shall be liable for termination without notice. Some companies have applied these capabilities to personnel work.

KASHIF IQBAL THAHEEM : Internship Report of ptcl

Fast and reliable data communication can iternship provided using this technology from 6. Dept must see that adequate instructional materials and facilities are available.

We look forward to your input for making our endeavors more effective. The purpose of NOC is to control, monitor and manage the entire PTCL network; to enhance and optimize network management through a transparent and centralized platform and to create a highly available, adaptable and fault resilient network that can meet market demand and offer customer satisfaction.

Its operations were governed by the Pakistan telecommunication Corporation Act In operating on a day-to-day basis under the terms of the labor agreement, line supervision often finds frequently occasion to consult the H. PTCL offers you wireless connectivity in those areas where you do not have any option of wired or terrestrial network and back up connectivity which keeps your office connected in case of any breakdown in the fixed wire medium.


This way there will be enough engineers to train summer internees.

The source of my information for the preparation of this report also includes the written notes, literatures and verbal discussion with staff members and my fellows. They must improve poor customer service.

Optical fibers are widely used in fiber-optic reporg, where they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths data rates than wire cables. For the said years it is interpreted that,the debt utilization in assets for both years are relatively stable.

The pay scales of the employees are about the same as of government except some special allowances, which are given to PTCL employees. Careers service staff are keen to help, but the commitment to tackle the process must be yours. It defines job title, pay grades, a set of relatively fixed reporting relationships, and related formal tasks.

PTCL Internship report

There are destinations in the whole world to which there is international communication but the active relationship of PTCL with 52 carriers. LT Engineering cable 18, 12, 6 fiber loose tube with slotted core 8 Ring Topology A ring network is a network topology in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node – a ring.

Security of message is ensured against eavesdropping through subscriber controlled password. A major portion of the activities of those engaged in staff personnel work i s in the nature of counsel and advice to line manager.

If the candidate have been selected for interview then you will be contacted by letter, telephone, or e-mail, normally within 8 weeks of the closing date. PTCL’s decision to reduce the number of billing pages is an environment friendly initiative and is a way forward towards becoming a paperless enterprise. Each E1 can provide services up to user through time division multiplexing.


Essentially, training contributes significantly in increasing the quality and quantity of work processed, and reducing waste and idle time.

M Fin Manager Engineer S. Each node in layer two has a unique MAC address. The development of the individual and the organization are therefore inextricably linked. Economic The most economical solution for the simultaneous transmission of internnship multichannel jnternship. It can extract packets at a rate of packets per second.

There are still some elements that are propagating and instigating employees, exploiting and staging protests for their own vested interests, ignoring the collective larger interest of all employees. At the end of the interview, the applicant will have the chance to ask questions. Light is reflected in the core at a specific angle.

Management must seek to so direct and coordinate the efforts of the people that the goals of the organization are achieved while at the sometime providing need satisfactions for the inernship of that organization.

An IPLC can be used for internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing and any other form of communication. In less than two internshipp of it launch, PTCL has acquired overBroadband customers in over cities and towns across Pakistan, leading the proliferation and awareness of Broadband services across Pakistan.