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In late President Ronald Reagan became embroiled in in what became known as the Irangate Scandal. It was discovered that the Reagan administration . New revelations published on 25th anniversary of Iran-Contra affair say Israel played secondary part in the scandal which rocked DC in This scandal illustrates a different but equally dangerous type of Presidential fiasco we have to learn to guard against. Mr. Nixon compulsively.

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Retrieved 30 December I argued strongly that we have an embargo that makes arms sales to Iran illegal and President couldn’t violate it and that ‘washing’ transactions thru Israel wouldn’t make it legal. North was charged with 12 counts relating to conspiracy and making false statements. You can make it easier for irangats to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

Iran-Contra Affair

He also played a major role in the Irangate scandal in the mids, helping the Ronald Reagan administration sell weapons to Iran supposedly to free US hostages held in Lebanon and using the proceeds to secretly finance right-wing Contra Guerrillas in Nicaragua. The reasons for their abduction are unknown, although it is speculated that they were kidnapped to replace the freed Americans. How a Secret Foreign Policy Unraveled”. I have no doubt that he was told about the use of residuals for the Contras, and that he approved it.

Casey admitted to him in February that he was aware of the diversion of funds to the Contras.

Martins Press, p. Mixter’s report details an irqngate of then-Vice President Bush’s involvement in the Iran-Contra operations, including what he called Bush’s “meeting with a high Israeli official on the sales of arms to Iran in July The convictions were vacated on appeal on the grounds that North’s Fifth Amendment rights may have been violated by the indirect use of his testimony to Congress, which had been given under a grant of immunity.


A closed Executive Session heard classified testimony from North and Poindexter; this transcript was published in irangatd redacted format. The Americans believed that there was a moderate faction in the Islamic republic headed by Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjanithe powerful speaker of the Majlis who was seen as a leading potential successor to Khomeini and who was alleged to want a rapprochement with the United States.

Iran–Contra affair

This includes provision of selected military equipment. Eventually Hezbollah elected to kidnap more hostages following their release of the previous ones, which rendered meaningless any further dealings with Iran. The affair is exposed It was not until that irangzte had gotten out about the secret transactions.

Started by Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein in Septemberthe war was marked by Iran-Contra and the National Security State”.

See Iranian Hostage Crisis. During his election campaign inVice President Bush denied any knowledge of the Iran—Contra affair by saying sxandal was “out of the loop”. Read More on This Topic. Find a way to bring those hostages home.

Reagan expressed regret regarding the situation in a nationally televised address from the Oval Office on 4 Marchand in two other speeches; [69] Reagan had not spoken to the American lrangate directly for three months amidst the scandal, [70] and he offered the following explanation for his silence:.

After nearly a year of hearings into the Iran-Contra scandal, the joint Congressional investigating committee issues its final report.

  LEY 18216 PDF

The Iran-Contra Affair | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

The report published by the Tower Commission was delivered to the president on 26 February The Reagan administration was forced to admit that it had covertly continued to fund the Contras by means of arms sales to Iran which were themselves illegal and in breach of a trade embargo against that country. The amendment was specifically aimed at Nicaragua, where anti-communist Contras were battling the Sandinista communist government.

The production won Bensky, his producer, Bill…. Among the infamous “-gates” we’ve had since then have been Camillagate, Cheriegate, IrangateDianagate, Phonegate, and Nannygate a scandal involving David Blunkett’s jrangate life, not to be confused with nannygoat.

These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected. The Independent CounselLawrence E.

Irangate – definition of Irangate by The Free Dictionary

According to his Middle Eastern experts the operation was pointless because the moderates in Iran were not in a position to challenge the ifangate. Speculation about the involvement of Reagan, Vice President George Bush and the administration at large ran rampant. Although laws had been broken, and Reagan’s image suffered as a irangte of Iran-Contra, his popularity rebounded. At the same time, Iranian-backed terrorists were holding hostage seven Americans diplomats and private contractors in Lebanon.

C and gave him a guided tour at midnight of the White House. The Tense History of U.