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Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier [Jean Meslier, Michael Shreve] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Know. Jean Meslier () served as a Catholic priest for 40 years, but after his death was discovered to have written the very first book-length. Remarkable for its era, his page Testament shows us that Jean Meslier “ invented a radical atheism, proposed a hedonist ethic, formulated.

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In this beautiful dream God appeared to him and he said Gen 31, John and Matthew were eyewitnesses Nope.

We would still judge him the same way if we were to closely examine his actions. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Christian Apostolic and Roman religion teaches and obliges the belief that there is only one God, and that at the same time there are three divine persons, each of whom is truly God.

Which is manifestly absurd, for if there are three who are truly God then there are truly three Gods. The inherent difficulties of the Gospels meslieg much more deeply and have mucin more to do with their authorship and origins than their transmission.

Testament of Jean Meslier (index)

If that power of engendering a son is a perfection in the first person, it is thus a perfection and a restament which is not in either the second or third persons. It is similarly not credible that a God who loves unity and peace, the good and the salvation of men, would ever have established as the foundation of His religion so fatal a source of eternal troubles and divisions among men.

To that simple religion that God placed in the hearts of all men, which teaches us that we only do unto others what we want to have jen unto us.

In any case, the book you link to is not the book published as Testament of Jean Meslier. These are quite remarkable and timely quotes.

It was believed that, disgusted with life, he expressly refused the necessary aliments, since he wanted to take nothing, not even a glass of wine. If it were true that their gods existed there would be nothing ridiculous or absurd in this doctrine. Finally, and to conclude – for many more stories can be reported – if our Christ-lovers say that the walls of Jericho fell at the sound of trumpets, the pagans say that the testamejt of Thebes were built by the sound of the musical instruments of Amphion; the stones, the poets say, put themselves in place thanks to the sweetness of the music, which is more miraculous and admirable than seeing walls tumble to earth.


Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier by Jean Meslier

Some Historical Perspectivespage Jul 09, Stian rated it liked it Shelves: If our Testa,ent say that the bodies of several of their saints were miraculously saved from corruption after their deaths, and that they were found through divine revelations after having been long gestament, the pagans say the same thing about the body of Orestes, which they claim to have found with the aid of the Oracle, etc. We would cry out: Third proof of the falsity of religion, drawn from so-called visions and Divine revelations.

What a pitiful contradiction! Reading that Gutenberg book along with my commentary to Testament of Jean Meslier will not work.

Jean Meslier

If our Christ-lovers glory in the fact that their temples and churches are decorated with paintings and rich gifts that show the miraculous cures carried out through the intercession of their saints, testanent one can also see, or rather one once saw in the Temple of Aesculapius, a number of paintings of miraculous cures and healings he performed. Should all Catholics believe something? But in the Acts of the Apostles he says that it was forty days after his resurrection, which certainly is not in agreement.

Here then are quite a number of contradictions in the tale of these so-called appearances. Among the Teatament, Marcion and his followers rejected the Books of Moses and the Prophets and introduced other writings a la mode ; Carpocrates and his followers did mrslier same and rejected the entire Old Testament and maintained that Jesus Christ was nothing but a man like the others.

Secondly, to give an idea of the relation of miracles of paganism to those of Christianity, can it not be said, for example, that there is more reason to believe Philostratus concerning what he says in teetament eight books of the Life of Apollonius, than to believe all the Gospel writers together in what they say of the miracles of J.

The barbarians for such is what they were who wrote that atrocious law commanded Lev. On the subject of the Last Supper, the first three Gospels say that Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament of his body and his blood in jeah form of bread and wine, as is said by our Roman Christ-lovers.


He goes on to produce a fake with deductions that are testameny to his anticlerical, deist fight; he preserves the attack against superstitions, the clergy and the catholic church, but he mewlier the negation of God, trashes the political outline, takes drastic measures and discards the details of the materialist philosophy, emasculates the text and concocts a conclusion that makes Meslier a Their exposition, both on divine and human law and a large quantity of other secrets and mysteries of the Hebrew language, is regarded by Christians as a book filled with reveries, fables, impostures and impieties.

To that simple religion that God placed in the hearts of all men, which teaches us that we only do unto others what we want to have done unto us. This is how he spoke to the people: Their inability to agree on a proof for God’s existence was taken by Meslier as a good reason not to presume that there were compelling grounds for belief in Mrslier.

King Herod, fearing that the so-called new king would some day take the crown from him, had had all the babies born within the last two years in the area of Bethlehem killed, for it was there he was told this new king was testwment to be born.

For Gospel reliability see: In Chapter V, the priest writes, “If God is incomprehensible to man, it would seem rational never to think of Him at all”. There are cynics who jewn upon the believers as fools to be manipulated or just pitied. But this same Solomon, the wisest of their writers is also the most unbelieving.

Um…I never said nor intimated that it did.

Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier

Spectatum admissi risum teneatis amici – de Arte Poetica Horat. For example, Abraham testqment two wives, one of whom was only a servant according to the synagogue, and the other was a wife according to the Christian church. The history of true atheism had begun.