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Jean M. Twenge, Author. Free Press $25 (p) (Born in , Twenge herself is at the edge of the Me Generation.) Her book is livened with. In this provocative new book, headline-making psychologist and social commentator Dr. Jean Twenge explores why the young people she calls ” Generation Me”. Generation Me – Revised and Updated by Jean M. Twenge – In this provocative and newly revised book, headline-making psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge.

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Refresh and try again. This to me is infuriating because I was really interested in how they ended up the same, I’m not buying that it is because the teachers took the place of the mommies. The phrase my needs was four times as common in American books in the s compared to those in the s. Before you vote, do you carefully check the qualifications of each candidate? A third brought his father with him. Unlike many authors who rely on anectodal evidence or armchair opinions, Twenge dug into decades of testing results to document shifts in attitudes over the years.

Especially interesting to read if you’re currently undergoing a quarterlife crisis, poses interesting theories on why. The small study referenced included only children, mostly from low-income families. Think of it like saying I did this gigant Okay this is one of those books that I want to give a totally high rating cause it was a good old time, but I feel a little dirty rating it this high because it is also academics pandering for the generatipn dollar.

Technology has in some ways made us meaner—or at twennge given us an anonymous venue for being so.


Others ship jobs overseas if it will save money. Using findings from the largest intergenerational study ever conducted — with data from 1. In general while some of her number-crunching is indeed impressive, Twenge relies too much on pop culture crap to tell her what “our generation” thinks and how we behave.

Discover what to read next. Gen-Me is not necessarily about twege though can be a resultbut it’s about a focus on the self to the exclusion of community. By the way, averages rarely provide one with a good overall picture. Obviously this could only happen in the mids the first edition of this book came out in as the Millennials were not of college age until then.

Generation Me continued those trends throughout the s and s, but diverged from Boomers in one major way: A more objective approach is to use standard questionnaires that measure work attitudes, which ask people to respond to standard questions and result in a numerical score. It is a better book for the Baby Boomers themselves, and even the older generations, who, Twenge hopes, will come to understand the monsters they’ve created the younger generation.

I grew up when parent’s who were concerned about their child’s “self-esteem”. I pride myself on being a free and independent thinker. GenMe twene also much more open about emotions.

These are so different from the “boomers” views especially. She goes on to cite Erin Brockovich and Rudy as two examples.

I remember taking this survey and answering this question during my first week of undergrad in This made the thesis of the book very muddy. The two main take aways I got from this book are that in order for things to change, I need to teach self-discipiline and self-control more than self-esteem.


My job is to facilitate this process. There, comments sections are filled with statements that often cross the line from blunt to incredibly rude.

Let me count the ways. I also talked a lot over the last week about how entitled our generation can be although I DON’T think it’s entirely limited by age – we constantly have the urge to punch the soccer moms at Trader Joe’s nearby; I think a lot of it has to do with perceived status.

Jan 09, Arianna rated it really liked it Shelves: As for the qualifiers, well, the first thing to note is that this book is specifically about, and uses studies about, Americans.

Generation Me [Speed Summary]

They have to act like grown-ups soon enough; let them wear their polka dots with their stripes while they still can! Isolation and loneliness readily lead to anxiety and depression. We don’t have to save or wait for anything. She lives in San Diego with her husband and three daughters.

Generation Me [Speed Summary] – Brand Genetics

So many jobs today too emphasize collaborative work, yet this book says we’re all alone and individuality is prime concern? The main reason why I’m highlighting this is to do with the “self-esteem movement”, which I’ll get to. She lives in San Diego with her husband and three daughters. They can help themselves.