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Vybrané aspekty teorie spravedlnosti Johna Rawlse z pohledu křesťanské etiky Dále John Rawls formuluje svoji formální teorii způsobem, aby byla její. John Rawls byl liberální americký politický filosof, profesor Harvardovy uni. filosof, profesor Harvardovy univerzity a autor knihy Teorie spravedlnosti, která jej. Items 1 – 26 of 26 Filsafat multikulturalisme John Rawls merupakan alternatif tawaran politik kebudayaan untuk mengatasi konflik horizontal. Menurut Rawls.

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Filsafat Multikulturalisme John Rawls. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Terjadinya konflik horizontal yang mengatasnamakan identitas kelompok etnis, suku, keyakinan dan seterusnya dikarenakan adanya phobia terhadap perbedaan. Padahal perbedaan suatu keniscayaan, karena manusia tidak akan mampu menyeragamkan atau menuntut orang lain untuk sama dengan dirinya, baik pada aspek pemikiran, keyakinan, etnis, suku, budaya, dan sebagainya.

Filsafat multikulturalisme John Rawls merupakan alternatif tawaran politik kebudayaan untuk mengatasi konflik horizontal.

Tetapi, masyarakat yang adil menurutnya adalah adanya pengakuan dan penerimaan johhn perbedaan dan keberagaman. Pendapatnya ini dia telrie dalam pokok-pokok pemikirannya tentang keadilan, seperti: Contract theories and partnership in health care. A philosophical inquiry to the philosophy of John Rawls and Seyla Benhabib. Over the last 20 years, a paternalistic view in health care has been losing ground.

The question about less asymmetrical positions in the healthcare professional-patient relationship is, for example, being addressed by the increased emphasis on person-centred care, promoted in disciplines such as medicine and nursing. Partnership is considered as a key component in person-centred care. Although the previous studies have addressed the attributes inherent in partnership, there is spravedlbosti potential for further discussion on how the various interpretations of partnership influence their use in healthcare literature.

A vague understanding might also affect education and evaluation. As teorei see it, the philosophical underpinnings of the idea of partnership have not been sufficiently explored and discussed. The study reveals that partnership originates in the term “partener” defined as a relationship between individuals or groups characterized by cooperation and responsibility.

Etymologically speaking, partnership is hence bound by a contract, which in this study is discussed in the frame of Rawls ‘ contract theory, which in turn intersects with Benhabib and her distinction jojn “the abstract” and “the concrete Other. The opportunity for partnership, as well as the risk of partnership becoming a tempting magnet with a vague and imprecise meaning, is discussed. Without exploration, reflection and discussion of the philosophical underpinnings, partnership carries a substantial risk of becoming an indistinct idea used in health care.

John Rawls in Light of the Archive: Introduction to the Symposium on sppravedlnosti Rawls Papers. This symposium calls attention to the archival papers of the political philosopher John Rawls. As the symposium papers show, the archive illuminates the development of Rawls ‘s philosophical and political visions, showing the varied intellectual traditions on which he drew. The papers portray Rawls as a naturalist who believed that moral and political arguments should be made in light of facts about natural human capacities and propensities.

The papers explore Rawls ‘s engagement with Wittgenstein, Dewey, and game theory. And the papers present conflicting accounts of Rawls ‘s democratic society and the role of democratic debate in the justification of a political vision. La herencia igualitarista de John Rawls. Full Text Available One of the indisputable achievements of John Rawls work has been the revitalisation of the concept of equality in the ethics and political philosophy of the last few years.

He has removed it from the monopoly of the ideologies that have had better or worse luck throughout the entire twentieth century and returned it to the analytical and conceptual rigor of philosophy. Moreover, he has done so with the added virtue of harmonising the value of equality with the values of freedom and efficiency, which is an effort that is not always valued with sufficient understanding.

There is no doubt about the influence of Rawls theory of justice on current egalitarian thinking that, in some way, has been, and spravedlonsti still being, built -following -or diverging from the wake opened by the philosopher from Harvard.

John Rawls a teorie mezinárodní spravedlnosti – Stanislav Myšička – Google Books

In this article, I analyse the main debates that are going on about Rawlsian egalitarianism and I point out some possible future orientation.

In the first place, I set out the two great egalitarian arguments in Rawls work stemming, respectively, from a person’s moral conception and the moral arbitrariness of the individual’ s social and natural contingencies. Afterwards, I explore the problems of both arguments insisting, on one hand, on the inadequacy of the Kantian moral personality as a foundation for an egalitarian theory and, on the other hand, on the inconsistency of luck egalitarianism as an egalitarian extension of Rawls torie.


In third place, I demonstrate that the main egalitarian problem in Rawls work comes from the concept of equality and equity void of solidarity. I conclude, finally, that justice as fairness should be contrasted with justice as tdorie. Full Text Available Rawls defines education as the training and development jogn abilities and spravdlnosti, a civic, constitutional teaching, as a means for making a living and developing a cooperation sense.

It is related to primary goods. As a consequence, education enables citizens for public debate. According to the theory of justice as fairness, differently from utilitarianism, citizenship development is a fundamental element; politics and education joohn intertwined aspects. Just Society as a Fair Game: John Rawls and Game Theory in the s.

I explore the influence of game theory on the political philosopher John Rawls as a way of analyzing the character of his democratic thought.

Recent narratives bring Rawls closer to direct democracy as a result of game theory’s influence. I argue that game theory prompted creative, organic developments in Rawls ‘s political framework rather than shaping it. It prompted Rawls to emphasize autonomy and fairness, leading him to the analogy between a just society and a fair game.

And it prompted thought experiments that analyzed our considered judgments. This was an idealized analysis unconnected to the vision of direct democracy. Full Text Available John RawlsAmerican contemporary philosopherhas chosen the title of constructivism for his views on philosophy of ethics and politics. The base of his veiws is the same as the theory of social contract which has been discussed before by John Locke and Imanuel Kant.

Rawls completes this view by the condition of impartiality and fairnesswhich is distinguished by ignorance about the position of self the veil of ignorance in primary situation. Rawls criticises intutionism and utilitarianism and holds an antirealistic approach towards ethics. The theory that has been delivered by Allame Tabatabee the constructional perception caused agreements and disagreements, but teofie idea seems to be new and effective in Islamic philosophy.

Based on this idea many spravedlnozti are constructive including goodnessbadness and justice.

John Rawls

The aim of this paper is to analyse and give a comparison between these ideas and studies similarities and rwwls with regard to topics such as antirealism, objectivity, criteria of justification and separation of science and ethics. Full Text Available Inwas launched the movie Concussion which tells the true story of Bennet Omalu – a medical examiner who worked in the city of Pittsburgh.

When performing the autopsy of an idol of tekrie, Omalu identified a never before diagnosed disease that can be caused by football practice and started a battle against the most powerful football league in the world, the National Football League. In this article I describe how the North-American philosopher John Rawls has reformulated contemporary moral thinking in proposing subordination of ethics to justice. I synthesize his defense of a morality based on an agreement that compensates, without attempting to nullify, current socio-economic asymmetries.

I conclude with a discussion of the theoretical difficulties he encountered in absorbing cultural, philosophicalpolitical and religious Western pluralism in his theory. Full Text Available Investigating civil disobedience from a liberal perspective, the working thread through the thought of John Rawlsexposed in the work A Theory of Justice, presenting the phenomenon as a kind of political resistance as well as the theoretical framework that legitimizes as processing instrument contemporary society and guarantor of individual rights.

Thus, discusses the duty to obey unjust laws defining what the justification of civil disobedience, designed to Rawls just almost just, democratic and orderly. John Rawls ‘ politische Philosophie aus sozialethischer Perspektive. John Rawls ‘ “Eine Theorie der Gerechtigkeit” wird grundlegend dargestellt. John Dewey– Philosopher and Educational Reformer. John Dewey was an American philosopher and educator, founder of the philosophical movement known as pragmatism, a pioneer in functional psychology, and a leader of the progressive movement in education in the United States.

Rawls and sprxvedlnosti European Union. Yet generally EU scholars have either ignored Rawls or rather uncritically established positive links between his theory of domestic and international justice and the EU. Hegel en la obra y el pensamiento de John Rawls. Full Text Available This paper discusses a key contemporary problem, that of inequality.



Certainly, the most visible inequality today is economic inequality, which is not only a characteristic found today, but is also the result of a long historical development.

The problem arises when inequality becomes artificial produces itself and thus becomes a matter of social sciences and humanities. At this point, the question of economic inequality becomes a non-economic issue and thus opens the possibility of formulating such principles that will be able to reduce the issue to a minimum. Full Text Available Conflict of interest between employee and employer has a complexity since its biopsychology and sosioeconomic in nature.

Molt soroll per no res? The vast improvements in medical technology reviled the crucial role of social determinants of health for the etiology, prevalence and prognosis of diseases. This changed the content of the right to health concept from a demand of health services, to a claim of having access to all social determinants of health. Thus, the just allocation of scarce resources of health and social determinants of health became an issue of ethical theories. John Rawls developed a theory of justice.

His theory suggests that the principles of justice should be determined by individuals in a hypothetic initial position. In the initial position, individuals agree on principles of justice.

Rawls puts forth that the institutions of the society should be structured in compliance with these principles to reach a fair social system.

Although Rawls did not justify right to health in his theory, the efforts to enlarge the theory to cover right to health flourished quite fast. In this paper first the basic components of Rawls theory is explained. Then the most outstanding approaches to enlarge his theory to cover right to health is introduced and discussed within the discourse of Rawls theory of justice.

Rawls on Dewey before the Dewey Lectures.

This spravedlonsti sheds light on John Rawls ‘s views on John Dewey’s philosophical temperament by investigating unpublished papers and lectures that Rawls wrote and delivered across the late s, the s, the s, and the early s. Moreover, the article shows that Rawls ‘s rejection of Kant’s dualisms predates by at least three decades the “Dewey Lectures” and that Dewey’s notion of deliberation as “dramatic rehearsal in imagination” might have had an impact on Rawls ‘s development of the notion of “reflective equilibrium” as a state of affairs that we strive to reach in ethical reflection.

John Rawls ja radikaalne demokraatia. El concepto de persona en John Rawls: Full Jkhn Available One of the painful problems of the current sprravedlnosti reality is the situation of Syrian refugees, many of whom choose Europe as a destination.

This migratory process is the result of a violent civil war, which devastates spravedlnosto population of Syria over the last six years. The Syrian conflict is part of an international scenario where geopolitical relations no longer behave as they were in the beginning of the process of globalization and human rights seek to survive as an essential instrument for maintaining spravdelnosti.

Thus, this study had as objective to analyze the questions around the migratory flow, in the light of the Theory of Justice of John Rawlsterie proposal alerts to the traps of the utilitarianism and preaches the cooperation between the human beings. Rswls a response to the proposed comparison, it was observed the difficulty in extending the idea of justice, in the manner thought by Rawlsto the tension addressed, since the power of fraternity is precisely made.

Una mirada desde Hannah Arendt. Full Text Available Under the strong influence of the dominant Kantian legacy in much of the twentieth century ethics, Rawls designs a theory of justice whose highest aspiration is to be impartial, whereby theory attempts to refute the two dominant ethical currents in his time: The neocontractualism of John Rawls arises in the spectrum of contemporary political philosophy as a broad-basedliberalism, whose main purpose is to provide a pluralistic framework, capable of regulating the delivery of justice in a well ordered society.

In Rawlsthe priority of the right over the good would be signaling a willingness to take a choice of ethics and justice and concurrent broad but lacking in substantive moral theory, in thespirit of an era devoid of anthropological content sprwvedlnosti to properly explain human and social reality.