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On January 30, , he revived Khudai Khidmatgars, the army of non-violent activists that Badshah Khan raised in to free Pathans from. Khudai-Khidmatgar was basically a social movement that was initiated by Badshah Khan in Pakhtun dominated areas. The purpose of this. The Khudai Khidmatgar (Servants of God) was a group founded by Abdul Ghaffar Khan in the Northwest Frontier of British India. The group was notable for its.

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The campaign was also successful in achieving several short-term goals, such as increased government finance for education, health, agriculture, and veterinary medicine. This was a movement that began as a Muslim group against the British policies from World War I, but kyidmatgar into an anti-British group with Hindu participation as well.

Khudai Khidmatgar | Lokashakti Encyclopedia

See what’s trending now. Such a refusal would thus become a precedent for others to follow and the people would get rid of this vicious practice. Last accessed 22 March The movement lingered on tillwhen it was again banned by the central government because of Ghaffar Khan’s opposition to the One Unit. On April 23,Ghaffar Khan gave a speech in Utmanzai urging continued civil resistance. The Khudai Khidmatgar organization required volunteers to take oaths and participate in training camps to learn about the goals of the movement.

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This move gave an opportunity to the Muslim League to develop and for the British authorities to alter their strategy. The other area was a tribal area where the people lived semi-independent lives without much influence from the British. Khidmatgars were active in Muzaffarnagar, UP, after communal violence wrecked the social fabric, holding peace campaigns and running relief camps.


Retrieved 24 September kidmatgar Ks requested people in the name of religion and Pathan honor to shun this bad habit of squandering their wealth, quite often borrowed for each occasions. Afghanistan and the Frontier. The Khudai Khidmatgar campaign succeeded in educating Indians on the necessary nonviolent tactics to reform society so that, in time, the British could be ousted from India.

New persons took the Khudai Khidmatgar pledge in response, kkhudai surrounded the jail. In response to this, by the government had increased its pressure in the Frontier. The move shocked the British authorities who were forced to ease pressure on the KK. Initially the movement focussed on social reform as khudao means of improving the status of Pashtuns against the British.

Though this lifestyle resembled kbudai of a military soldier, with leaders within the movement given ranks as heads of units, nonviolence was always the emphasis. The crackdown that followed culminated with the Babra Sharif massacre. You cannot kill it. He stayed with him for two days before leaving in a Pashtun attire for the German Embassy in Kabul leading to his journey to Germany and finally Japan.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Quit India Movement. Inthe government brought the Frontier Province to the same level of administration as other parts of India, and urban and rural elections followed shortly thereafter.

Retrieved 25 May Faisal was attracted to Badshah Khidmatbar because, like Gandhi, Khan was intensely spiritual and interpreted religion to convince the faithful to be servants of god and eschew violence. This was a local battle in the North-West Frontier Province, but the Khudai Khidmatgar was also part of the Indian National Congress and was involved in the national struggle for Indian independence.


Quoted in Khan The warring parties declared ceasefire for a day as thousands walked the distance through the Khyber Pass to Jalalabad in Afghanistan with his remains.

Rang De – Rang De Groups – Khudai Khidmatgar

Rafique 1 April Pakistan: The Provincial Jirgah was the ultimate authority. Those members that wished to survive politically rallied behind a former ally, turned opponent of Qayyum Khan Kashmiri, the Pir of Manki Sharif. Pakistan’s Independence in August marked the beginning of the end of the Khudai Khidmatgar movement. When the fighting ended, the government had arrested people, killed 80 and wounded many more.

As they ban musical concerts extravagance in the marriage ceremonies. Unfortunately, incivil disobedience was suspended throughout India, and it would not be until that independence was achieved. From time to time they drilled in work camps and took long military-style khudal into the hills.

Khudai Khidmatgar

Volunteers had to work together, which increased unity and cooperation among the movement. Search for ” Khudai Khidmatgar ” on Amazon.

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