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Volume I. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus Clement of Rome, Mathetes, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus What really happened at Nicea: all the ancient sources. Konsili Nicaea 1 . The bishops assembled at Nicaea, who constitute the great and holy synod, greet the church of the Alexandrians, by the grace of God holy.

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Josepho Alberigo et al, 3rd edition, Bologna: Such indeed was the power of his impiety that Theonas of Marmarica and Secundus of Ptolemais shared in the consequences, for they too suffered the same fate. Any presbyters or deacons or in general anyone enrolled in any rank of the clergy who depart from their church recklessly and without the fear of God before their eyes or in ignorance of the church’s canon, ought not by any means to be received in another church, but all pressure must be applied to them to induce them to return to nlcea own dioceses, or if they remain it is right that they should be excommunicated.

Subdivisions Autonomous churches grouped by tradition: In Nicaea, questions regarding the Holy Spirit konskli left largely unaddressed until after the relationship between the Father and the Son was settled around the year Athanasius, and a history of the Council of Nicaea written in Greek in the fifth century by Gelasius of Cyzicus.

Herder, -often cited as just “Denzinger” this includes both conciliar and papal pronouncements. None of this is in the primary material, and sounds rather like folklore of the middle ages, as indeed does the story about the apocrypha.

Rome’s jurisdiction within Italy had been defined in terms of several of the city’s adjacent provinces since Diocletian’s reordering of the empire inas the earliest Latin version of the canon indicates, [95] and the rest of the Italian provinces were under the jurisdiction of Milan. Meletius, it was decided, should remain in his own city of Lycopolis in Egypt, but without exercising authority or the power to ordain new clergy; he was forbidden to go into the environs of the town or to enter another diocese for the purpose of ordaining its subjects.

InConstantine commissioned fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinoplebut little else is known in fact, it is not even certain whether his request was for fifty copies of the entire Old and New Testaments, only the New Testament, or merely the Gospels.


This geographic issue related to Canon 6 was highlighted by Protestant writer, Timothy F. Putranya, Konstantinus V —menghimpun Konsili Hieria untuk meresmikan pelarangan tersebut. Arius taught that the Son had a beginning, and that he possessed neither the eternity nor the true divinity of the Father, but was rather made “God” only by the Father’s permission and power, and that the Son was rather the very first and the most perfect of God’s creatures.

But according to Fr. Against all this the holy synod pronounced anathemas, and did not allow this impious and abandoned opinion and these blasphemous words even to be heard. The Meletians ultimately died out around the middle of the fifth century. Mosaic of Christ PantocratorHagia Sophia. Similarly with regard to deaconesses and all in general whose names have been included in the roll, the same form shall be observed.

The text of this profession of faith is preserved in a letter of Eusebius to his congregation, in Athanasius, and elsewhere.

Views Read Edit View history. Concerning the former Paulinists who seek refuge in the catholic church, it is determined that they must be rebaptised unconditionally. If anyone refuses to comply even after these decrees, he is to be suspended from the diaconate.

Thus, the Father was always a Father, and both Father and Son existed always together, eternally, coequally and consubstantially. Antioch and Alexandria were both located within the civil Diocese of Oriens, Antioch being the chief metropolis, but neither administered the whole. Some libraries may not have [Tanner] yet, in which case the much older Schroeder edition may be used: The canonical and apocryphal books it distinguished in the following manner: As Emperor, the responsibility for maintaining civil order was his, and he sought that the Church be of one mind and at peace.

The following is not found in the latin text, but is found in the greek text:. Roman Catholics assert that the idea of Christ’s deity was ultimately confirmed by the Bishop of Rome, and that it was this confirmation that gave the council its influence and authority.

This page is a work in progress, although I had not intended it so when I originally wrote it on 26th August The book is without any footnotes, index or bibliography.

The Council of Nicaea (Nicea) and the Bible

One of the projects undertaken by the Council was the creation of a Creed, a declaration and summary of the Christian faith. According to Protestant theologian Philip Schaff”The Nicene fathers passed this canon not as introducing anything new, but merely as confirming an existing relation on the basis of church tradition; and that, with special reference to Alexandria, on account of the troubles existing there.


These mild measures, however, were in vain; the Meletians joined the Arians and caused more oonsili than ever, being among the worst enemies of Athanasius. Bird,Liverpool University Press ]. Thus, instead of a baptismal creed acceptable to both the Arians and their opponents the council promulgated one which was clearly opposed to Arianism and incompatible oknsili the distinctive core of their beliefs.

Doubts had earlier been expressed, notably by Tillemont see L. Eustathius of Antioch was deposed and exiled in We refer to deaconesses who have been granted this status, for they do not receive nivea imposition of hands, so that they are in all respects to be numbered among the laity.

Christianity was illegal in the empire until the emperors Constantine and Licinius agreed in to what became known as the Edict of Milan.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This page documents the problem, and konslii links to all the ancient source material in order to allow everyone to check the truth for themselves.

First Council of Nicaea

Rejoicing then in these successes and in the common peace and harmony and in the cutting off of all heresy, welcome our fellow minister, your bishop Alexander, with all the greater honour and love. The Nkcea appealed to Scripture, quoting biblical statements such as “the Father is greater than I”, [44] and also that the Son is “firstborn of all creation”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Those in opposition to Arius believed that to follow the Arian view destroyed the unity of the Godheadand made the Son unequal to the Father. And the legend reappears in the Da Vinci Code.

Council of Serdica and the ecumenical First Council of Constantinople.