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Cumplir y respetar las leyes, al igual que cualquier otro deber establecido .. se amparan en las disposiciones del Código de Trabajo de la República Dominicana, el .. Por la comisión de las infracciones contenidas en la ley , sobre. Get this from a library! Código penal de la República Dominicana: incluye las modificaciones de la Ley no. del 28 de enero de G.O. La Ley del 27 de enero de contra la Violencia Intrafamiliar. Para los fines de la presente ley se consideran como jóvenes los dominicanos y.

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The Oficina Nacional de la Defensa Publica Public Defenders Office was established to provide legal assistance to those who could not afford to seek legal assistance. The first free trade agreement was signed with Central America April 16, The Re;ublica, in its ordinary legislative functions, convenes two legislative sessions per year.

The websites dominciana accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations and court decisions, international treaties, agreements and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified. The Secretariat for Public Health and Social Welfare is the agency in charge of health services and is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Law. For each a sole judge decides all matters relating to real property.

The High Land Courts are primarily appellate courts and hear appeals from the Land Courts of original jurisdiction. The National Congress has constitutional authority to legislate over any matter.

The Tribunal Contencioso Tributario Tax Court is formed of five judges and has jurisdiction over appeals filed against decisions of the public administration regarding the dominicaha of taxes. The Public Ministry is composed of the following officials: They regulate the improvement and preservation of the environment, and delimit regions within the country to be protected.

Please, Read the Update! It completely modified the social security system of the Dominican Republic. The reform entailed a profound restructuring of institutions and procedures for adjudicating and registering property rights in the Dominican Republic within the adopted titling system, the Torrens System.


Amigo del Hogar, covering law and case law. The French codification remained in effect until Spanish translations of the five French codes were promulgated in The Chamber of Deputies is composed dominicanna members elected for each province, one for every 50, inhabitants or fraction thereof greater than 25, but in no case shall a province have less than two Deputies.

ADR mechanisms to solve family problems were introduced as an alternative method of settling disputes. Main objectives of the reform have been to expedite trials, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the judiciary, and protect constitutional rights.

The homepage of the CARMJ provides links to the other two institutions and is particularly useful to understand the fundamental changes brought forth by these reforms, especially in criminal and family matters.

They predominantly hear police and labor matters, as well dominicanx any other matter which Congress, through legislation, empower them to hear.

Depending on the case, the Courts of First Instance are presided over by a sole judge who hears punishable acts which are liable for monetary fines or punishment by incarceration for a maximum of two years or both penalties at dominicsna same time. A list of the main titles are presented here.

I t abrogates the Labor Code and subsequent modifications. Legal Databases Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic. The Labor Courts have jurisdiction over labor and employment disputes. This new law provides for mandatory and universal coverage of all Dominican nationals and foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic against risks of aging, disability, unemployment, sickness, maternity and childbirth, and labor risks.

Once a bill is approved, it is sent to the President of the Republicx for promulgation and subsequent repuhlica in the Gaceta Oficial Official Gazette.

A major piece of legislation related to minors and family matters is Ley No. Alternatively, Article 1 of the Civil Code states that approved bills also can be published in one or more major newspapers, in which case the publication must expressively indicate that it is an official publication and it will have the same effect as the Official Gazette.


Although the library has a web base catalog, it could not be accessed off-site. Matthew Downs for his invaluable comments, suggestions and revisions to this article.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

The prevalent registration system in the Dominican Republic is the Torrens system of real property registration, established by Executive Order No. For large Districts these courts can be subdivided into Salas Halls. It also hears ordinary appeals from matters arising in the Courts of Appeals, as well as questions on the constitutionality of laws. 249-7

Two years later, on August 16,independence was restored and a Second Republic proclaimed. It adopts an accusatory model, based on oral, public and contradictory proceedings and grants Public Prosecutors with the appropriate means to investigate violations, and the capacity to propose alternative methods for solving criminal proceedings.

From to 24-9 Dominican Republic was governed successively by France, Haiti, Spain and then Haiti again, until it finally declared its independence on February 27, Some of their publications are: Muchas veces por la forma lry pensar y comportarse de algunas mujeres dominicanas, que interponen y retiran las querellas.

Hemos adoptado legislaciones para una mentalidad social que en todos sus estamentos no las ve como normal ni quiere aplicarlas.

Global Database on Violence against Women

The Justices of the Peace leg courts authorized to hear small claim cases. These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one hundred and fifty years [11]. Comprehensive judicial reforms were pursued so as to modernize court administration, judicial budgets and court facilities, and to automate processes used for case and record 249-7. Jose Contreras, Plaza Royal, local no. The court expands to a bench of three judges for cases involving crimes which are liable for punishment by incarceration greater than two years.

La Comunidad de Bienes.