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Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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The commentary ilminal clearly identified, being in italics, with my liminnal. I am not finished with this piece.

There will be more parts to this composition. Since these parts are of one larger piece, please read them in order. I again ask that you do not distribute this on the Internet, and this is because others may copy it incorrectly. Please instead give them a link to this site.

When I remember, I will insert the actual link to each piece. When these conditions are attained, the teachings of Lyricus are brought to the species upon the network that will ultimately serve as the distribution hub for its knowledge system.

This is just starting on the Internet carefully now. As you read this, look at what our society is like. And dark side is considering ways to make the Internet more difficult to use. And companies and countries can buy software to keep their employees and citizens from seeing certain material. I have observed this, in fact AbundantHope has been banned by several companies.

Some readers have sent me examples. The first is the announcement that formalizes its arrival and is observable to the greater network of workers who are involved — no matter how significantly — in the discovery of the Grand Portal. This typically occurs in the 3rd precursor generation, however, in some species it is earlier or later by one generation.

Generally these ones are star seeds who have never been able to find answers to their questions offered by religion. That would include me. The spiritual seekers find religion controlling, and foolish, but those in religion are not even interested in moving beyond that paradigm yet. During this first introduction, the teachings of Lyricus are fundamentally depicted and articulated.

These would include the limiinal, cosmology, and activation resources.

Activation resources are encoded sensory data streams that are translated by Lyricus teachers into the media format and sensory system prevalent to the species. There are currently 3 Wingmakers sites which are beginning this process.

The major site for the music and art being offered is www. Music, in fact any sound has an effect on your DNA. You must avoid acid rock and negative music because of this.

There is a large offering of music from Wingmakers that will help uplift and connect your DNA. It is this DNA during these times in these new energies, and in response also to soul seeking that organizes itself into more threads, eventually for many people, leading to 12 threads of DNA.

Much more is possible than this, and I personal Destiny guardian angel has informed me I now have 18 strands of DNA connected. This Lyricus piece I am working on here is from www. The second impression of the teachings is made available to select students who have been identified as architects of the Grand Portal discovery.


These teachings are increasingly esoteric in nature and are exclusively relevant to the new science of multidimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal. The activation resources are initially muted because the immaturity of the media and communications network reduces the data stream and its activation influence. As the network evolves and more data can be embedded, the activation resources become more potent.

This generally occurs during the 2nd precursor generation. When you do listen to the music, either from Wingmakers, or any uplifting music use earphones when possible. This has greater effect on the body that way.

Also in addition, dance to it. No fancy thought out dancing please, just move naturally to the music. For Christian readers, a good deal of the Christian music you listen to is designed to help with your DNA. However, the words are often something else, sadly they place God someplace else but where he resides, within you.

ONLY listen to uplifting music, if music sounds like noise, RAP and hard rockget away from it and where possible, get away from any harsh noise, because noise harms your astral body, even music played too loud. There is a reason for those mp3 players; it is to make the luminal change your DNA less. CD’s have more texture than the mp3 files. Make a habit of listening to inspiring music. The reason for the Renaissance was to bring Godly inspiring material to a very dark planet.

Quality soothing new age is good, stay away from the irritating music. If the music irritates you, it is not for YOU. Christian music often does irritate me, and it’s not the music, its the words that irritate.

This is because these words are not correct in teaching.

Liminal Cosmogony

Sound is a primal force of the universe, and when used properly it will change DNA for the better. This is why all human races develop music, even the tribal folks playing tribal instruments. As man grows, so does his cosmogon. And you may find that your animals also enjoy pleasant music.

Music and sound affect your etheric system first and then this filters to the DNA. The dark side has put out much obnoxious rap, harsh rock and related music, and the purpose is to downgrade the DNA. People who enjoy war, its sound and colors, are de evolving themselves. Keep that in mind and watch what you allow your kids to both cosmogny and what they listen to. Stay away, unless you see thru it, the video and sound bites on TV around war.

Teachings From Liminal Cosmogony Part 2

The dark side showed and still show nothing around except that which they want to imprint on your soul. Cossmogony is the plan. That is what they want remembered. That is the satanic game.

They are very good at mind control. With mind control on TV, in magazines, movies and the like, also there are visual effects, csmogony you should learn to enjoy only that which is beautiful to you.

Do not constantly re-watch sad or horrific material, UNLESS you can clearly see through it and study it for what it is. Sick PORN is a no no as it any other sick literature, music, and video. Do not be around it, and if people are watching it around you, say something and leave. Do not allow those living in your house to watch csomogony kind of material, and pay attention to what your kids are watching and listening to.


Liminal Cosmogony

Occasionally take their mp3 players and see what is on them. You have every right and responsibility to do this as a parent. This stuff is as dangerous and as addicting as drug use. Video is very powerful. The dark side knows this. Many people today are totally controlled by the what they see on television, film, and in magazines. Pay attention and do not allow this. Most people live by the rules on television and what is covered on the talks shows. This is fake reality.

There is a great deal of material attempting to get luminal to all behave just alike, buy certain goods, even those not needed. I do not myself use for example deodorants. I find them offensive to my nose.

And the contents in some of cosmgoony so not belong in my body. Yet people think they have to use them, because they are on TV. There is much sex on TV and in advertising that is not cosmogoyn, and that is the point. They want man to pay attention to his sexual urges coxmogony not his mind. LEARN to cos,ogony about what you see and tune it out, or off.

However, proper use of video can be very inspiring. Select cosmpgony which inspires or teaches something of reality. The third impression of the Lyricus teachings occurs when the core frequencies of the activation materials are distilled into a technology that can entrain the heart-brain system of the soul carrier. This heightened activation technology enables those who have incarnated with specific functions associated with the Grand Portal discovery and its propagation to resist the natural inertia and fear reaction of the establishment.

It is these individuals — many of whom incarnate from Lyricus — that will lead the discovery of the species’ soul, and as importantly, the propagation of this breakthrough into the new institutions resulting from the discovery.

Are you star seeds here, seeing this? You are from higher realms, and you came to serve the ascension of earth and her peoples. This is assisted in many ways, thru industry, business, education, service groups, government, and the development of quality spiritual art. The latter element is the most critical of the four impressions because it sustains the knowledge across generations.

As there are three precursor generations that reveal the Grand Portal, there are generally three successor generations that transmit and diffuse the findings of the Grand Portal into the social, cultural, political, and scientific institutions of the species. The occasion just preceding and following the discovery of the Grand Portal is the most critical because it is this point in time that is most susceptible to revision, suppression, and outright subjugation of the findings revealed in its discovery.

The limianl in which the findings are released to public scrutiny is of vital consequence, and Lyricus has developed a precise set liminzl protocols to help in the efficiency and effectiveness of this transmission. There is a huge attempt to suppress true information.