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ABout some three, or foure yeeres since, there was found in the hands of one Ma. Which treatise when we had perused egregiso this holy inuitation, we found it a holie fardell of holy reliques, holy charmes, and holy consecrated things, applied to the casting out of many thousands of deuils, out of six young persons, 3.

Ballard, and some other besides, that were daily commers, and goers.

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Barnes at Fulmer, of Ma: Marwood, and Trayford, cannot yet be found, it is thought they are conueyed beyond seas, as some other of theyr play-fellowes should haue beene for telling of tales. Her Highnesse was no sooner come to the Crowne, but Marie then wife to the K. Crownes towards the same: Neither was it long time ere this vigilant champion had gained time againe, by obtaining of his Holinesse, men, mony, and munition, with which hee came with open armes into Ireland, like a Furie from Hell: The wise espying, and circumspect implying of the aduantage of these times: Ours is the time, when his Holi: How Frauncis Throgmorton plyed his time at the instigation of Mendoza, in busily sounding of Hauens, for the safe arriuall of the Guisian forces.

How Doctor Parry plyed his time, in enforming his conscience, for the suddaine, and desperate murthering of the Queene: Wherein hee bestirs himselfe so spritely, and playes such a deuill-prize at the L. Tyrrell newly come from beyond seas, and vaunts with a bigge looke, that Fa: And the same Array, was so full fraught with hope, and confidence, in the Spanish, and Guisian attempt then in hand, as his first congee was in Maister Tirrels eare at theyr entring into Paules, bidding him to be of good cheere, for that all things now went very well forwards.

Wherefore the Maisters of the Art, haue so warily deuised theyr rules, and canons, as a man may see they labour to preoccupate mens minds for feare of suspition, which giues the greater occasion to suspect them the more. Mengus his caueat of declaring places not meete for exorcisme is this: His positiue rule for the place appointed is, Sed debet exorcizare in Ecclesia, vel in alio loco Deo dicato vel alicui sancto.

And what need these cautious rules, to auoyde suspition of iugling, turpitude, and women, if nothing were amisse? Sure all is not well in this exorcising craft, that iugling, turpitude, and women, must be so precisely auoided. Indeed wheras in his Mengus disputes, that though exorcising ought to be done in the church, yet the doores of the Church ergegios be close shut about them: Wherefore yee see it was very wisely prouided of Locso, to haue an eye to the doore: I see this dealing is abhominable: Now let vs looke in a little amongst our twelue holy Exorcistes, loxos rather twelue holy disciples, and Fa: First, it doth not appeare that they acted any of theyr wonderous dispossessions in any Church, Chappell, or consecrated place, as F.

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But it appeares not as I said that they met in any chappel, or holy place at all: Vaux his house at Hackney, was the prime grand miracle performed, by the grand Maister of the craft, Fa: Weston, at the very first encounter with the deuill, stunted the deuils wits, and the deuill being once put out, could neuer hit in againe, but vntrusses, and cries out, O me lkcos, insanum, et infaelicem: Trayford cryes out by the way water, water, as the Frier loocos that by Absolon in Chawcer was scalded in the toote.

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And thus were theyr Journalls towards Denham, where the Court stayed: And this shall suffice touching their places in generall: VIno vendibili non opus est hedera. Where it is to be obserued, that whilest the chiefe of the Popish holy body heere in England had their heads, harts, and hands full of practises of treason; some other Priests there were that bestirred themselues.

The names of the discouerers, or seers, were these: Smith, Rickston, Goodgame, and Iames Phiswick. The names of the deuill-coniuring priests, for some reasons I forbeare: And concerning Fulmer, loxos same Gentleman tells vs also, that the impostors afore-said, departed from his house to Fulmer. But the penner of these miracles, remembers more distinctly, both the yeere, moneth, and day, when they went thither.

The 22 of October, anno Sara Williams, one of their patients, saith, That shee had not beene long at Fulmer, but she heard say, that the house was troubled with spirits.

The penner of the egregips, as egregiks he meant to scare vs with the very noyse, reports vs the egreglos of the Hobgoblins in a very tragicall stile.

And further, that these ill mannered vrchins, did so svvarme about the priests, in such troupes, and thronges, that they made them sometimes to sweat, as seemes, with the very heate of the fume, that came from the deuils noses. Where by the way you are to obserue out of learned Thyraeus his 70 Chapter De locis infestis: Which must be performed by these 5 holy works: By calling vpon God, the blessed virgin Mary, and the Saints: Iohn, concerning Zacchaeus climing vp into a tree: These be the fiue holy scare-deuils, which our Exorcists should haue vsed, to haue driuen the deuils from the house.

And heere I must needes shame my selfe, and lay open vnto you, the shallownesse of my wit, that is not able to diue into the bottom of this sacred mysterie: Iohn, touching Zacchaeus climbing into a tree, should haue such a potency to fright a deuill out of a house. One doubt I haue more, wherein I must craue your gentle assistance. Some curious head, more nice then needes, may pick at a moate, and aske mee two or three questions out of this narration.

A simple doubt God wote. This simple questionist must vnderstand, that God hath tied the spirit of holines with so sure a chaine to S. And vppon this will be questioning, how it happened heere, that our haunting spirits at Denham, and Fulmer, raysed by the blacke Art, did not ruffle and rage in the world, as those coniured spirits vse to do, but did put theyr heads in a bench-hole for a twelue month together, till these holy good men came to theyr work?

And so these quiddities being satisfied, I hope I may proceed. And so was it with our cunning Comaedians; they had a world of deuises, to get themselues patients, readie coyned in their budget. And if one should kindly aske Fa: This actor played his part extempore there on the stage with a verie good grace; and if hee had now the good hap to be conferred egrevios, I doubt not but he could, and would relate as other his cue-fellowes haue done how hee came egregioa that facility in his part, locoz were his prompters, his directers, his teachers, and who did help him put on the deuils vizard on his face.

It may suffice, that it is said, he was Anthony Babington his man. Trayford the young Gentleman forsooth, was of Ma: Peckhams priuities, or priuie counsell if ye will, the Leno his owne Hypodromos, sworne true to the Pantofle, young maister of the Maydens, seruing in the nature of a refresher, to furbush ouer his maisters brayed locoos Dibdale his chamber alone.

Friswood Williams, sister to Sara, a mayde when shee came to the league about loos yeeres old: Vnder whom shee was admitted to be attendant in a place of egregiks who had not been long within the compasse of that holy circle, but shee was discouered to haue a tang of possession. Shee kept her scene at her cue with her fellow play-deuils, so long as at the last she got such a locps of Tom Spanner in the darke one of the haunting crue that the markes of it, were many dayes after to be seene.


We might now proceede towards the presenting of some of our Actors vpon the stage, but that old doating Mengus, vppon pure spight to hinder our sport, hath dropped out a dry thred-bare rule, forged in his own braine: A egregiox of auoyding suspition forsooth: We must not exorcise a woman, except she be old. To this Canon wee aunswer, locox Mengus speakes like an olde worne Exorcist, whose marke is out of his mouth: First, it is against the maxime of charitie, that biddes vs doe good vnto all: Thirdly, this wgregios much abate the credit, and custome of Mengus his own profession, for we find not an old woman in an age to be possessed by the deuill: Fourthly, Mengus shewed no wit in teaching this rule: These anus decrepitae, be asinae ad lyram to this geare: THe gift of discerning of spirits spoken of by S.

Learned Thyraeus discourseth touching the signes of possession in three large chapters de doemoniacis. And then going egreguos, and naming other signes vnto vs, he puzzels himselfe pittifully, and leaues his Reader in a wood.

Theyr Eegregios signes be these. The priests must meet about this pittifull creature. Maynie had the deuils in liuery-coates attending vpon him: Before I come to their women patients, I must tell you a tale, that I haue heard, which happily hath but too authenticall records for the nature of a tale.

There was an ,ocos man, who had more then a months minde to a daintie peece of flesh, that was oft in his eye, and by gloses and gifts, and Court-tricks, had as much as hee desired. Heere is no morrall gentle Reader and therefore let vs haue no application.

Peckham, at the L: That is, once seeking for egges, in a bush by a Woods side, and a Cat leaping out of a bush, where she had egreegios a-sleepe, Sara was scared with the sodaine leaping of the Cat, and did a little tremble, as persons sodainly moued with feare vse to doe: Williams was deuill-caught, by a very strange meanes. Presently after this, she lifting at a tub of water, which stoode there ready filled, to be vsed in her washing, her feete slipped from vnder her, the Kitchin being paued, and hauing a shrewd fall, did hurt her hippe, with the griefe whereof, she was constrained for 2 or 3 dayes to keepe her bed.

Here begins the deuil from the Kitchin. Ah Sir the case is plaine: But wil you see how? Egregils was the deuill that tripped vp Fidds heeles in the Locow, and gaue her the shrewd fall. And why, would you guesse? The wicked spirit could not endure her, because she had washed amongst her buck of cloathes a catholique priests shirt.

And a worse thing in it then so: I trust you will not looke for any other, after this dangerous fall on the hippe, but that this should proue a reall possession, as in deede it did.

Now what a wofull taking are all those poore creatures in, that haue about them by fgregios, casualty, or mishap any close imper, ache, or other more secret infirmity?

It is a very poore bayte, as you may see by Trayfords gowtie toe, where-out our hungry Exorcists will not, rather then faile, nibble a deuill. How would the Scotists, and Thomists belabour, and trick the deuill with questions in the Popes toe?

First, whether his Hol: