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Hey everybody, im a noob and im looking into making a caselman airgun or girandoni style automatic gun. (for those of you not familiar with a. The Caselman air machinegun was designed in the late 70s by Jeff Caselman. Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held Caselman Explorations, Box , Cameron, MO “.

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You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life. I also fry up bacon…with my shirt off.

.32 Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos)

The machine gun is a basic blow back system designed to operate from a pre-pumped detachable tank of approximately cu in capacity, which also acts as the stock. Gotta watch out for your local laws; http: I know the original machineguun had a blowback system. Some thought would be needed in configuring the set-up to keep it compact, streamlined and reasonably user-friendly, but it should be feasible.

In total there are 20 users online:: Who is online Registered users: The information is broken down into the following sections:. In testing, several bursts cycled at rpm. I went to school when there was such a thing as an education.

Im going to get to work on it quite soon. We can be sure it is as accurate as the best closed-bolt submachineguns, something like meters. Send mail to rob airmachinegun. You realize you can buy non carbon wrapped aluminum airtanks right?

So I may be a bit rusty on the real world of today. Test velocities for the stock valve firing other calibers are listed. You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life. This section of the website will show the plan corrections, modifications, new parts, pictures, and how to assemble and test the Caselman.


The parts lists contains all of the parts and recommended materials, as well as standard sizes and cost estimates for purchasing parts from a small metal supplier. A darn good valve design I might add.

Two methods are shown. While I do not usually supply firearm design plans written by others, the design of this weapon is so unique that they deserve a place here. You should start off by investing in a paintball tank that will give you psi on tap.

Caselman air machinegun : General Spud Cannon Related

Caselman Air Machine Gun Video! Oh man was that sweet!! Caselman Air Machine Gun Plans. You say a low pressure one first? Steve Johnson I founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online.

SpudFiles skin originally developed by: It would still be a challenging project however due to the sort caeelman construction required to withstand its high operating pressure.

Caselman air machine gun without mill or lathe : BB/Airsoft/Pellet Gun Discussion

Valve The valve and air holding chamber construction is shown. One is an add-on piece, the second is a new striker. In addition, changes were made to convert it to shoot. The larger calibers may produce about ft-lbs of energy per shot. I was in the military in the 60s, you know, the dark ages. In total there are 20 users online:: SpudFiles skin originally developed by: The weapon can be extremely powerful for 30 shots or tuned down to shots for fun shooting.


Wearing flip flops in a metalworking shop tells me all I need to know about this guy. There is a detailed drawing and construction sequence for building the new round ball magazine. Caselman Air Machine Gun As a tribute to Jeff Caselman the complete construction plans for this amazing weapon are available here.

Good work, that is a unique gun! We even studied Lewis and Clark. The valve and air holding chamber construction is shown. Cawelman founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online.

As Jeff himself wrote “with gun prohibition perhaps staring us in the face it is csaelman to know you do not have to be without protection. Of course if we pick the best bullet weight, profile, hardness to our rifling path and bbl.

If memory serves in NY city it is illegal to own an air gun of any kind…figures in a slave state…. Assembly Some tips that are helpful in the assembly of the subsystems are given.

Assuming a similar projectile weight, I’d say around fps. They used them for something like 30 years? He make everything from violins to guns to homemade forges. At that rate it cycles flawlessly and has a very pleasing rat-a-tat-tat sound.

He just vanished without a trace. Those non carbon wrapped aluminum air tanks have a working pressure of psi. This video along the Plans avaiable at http: